fenris in A7 or kylo in B9? :D


there are nO PUPPY EYES


The Acknowledged!AU


As a self-avowed connoisseuse (read: junkie) of the
Alistair/Warden ship tag on AO3, I thought I’d talk a little about a distinct subcategory
of Alistair fan fiction that I find really fascinating because, so far as I can
tell, a number of people have decided to explore the same premise independently of
one another.  It’s what I call, for lack
of a better term, the Acknowledged!AU.

There are almost as many variations on the premise as there
are fics that explore it, so I’m going to go with a definition that’s a little
on the broad side: an Acknowledged!AU is one in which Alistair is an
acknowledged member of the royal family before
the Fifth Blight starts
(this includes Blightless AUs, since the Blight
never starts in one of those).  He can be
acknowledged from birth, rescued before he gets sent off to the templars, or
hastily removed from them because Cailan happened to die off early.  I think I’ve seen one where he’s still a
templar, but none where he’s a Grey Warden at the start of the story.

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Some more extremely belated gifts. Some cacti and a Fenris. He is among his prickly friends.


Let Him Be Happy

How about a little Carver love? If you’re feeling up for it C:



I think they went a little overboard with the Carver love. He secretly loves it, though. 

Thanks for the request! This was fun!!! <333



Ready for wardrobe!

(and possibly a slight haircut…)

Are these for sale?

Yep, they’ll go up on my Etsy shop as soon as I finish the outfits!

(One pair of leggings down…I might possibly have this batch of dolls ready to go within the week? I hope?)

replied to your post
“Possible sugar rush incoming”

Be careful 🙂

No worries, I’m keeping an eye on my blood sugar and so far so good!


((Mmmm some quick fanart))


needed to paint this cutie ♥


Blogger Gatherings!

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