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Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Across the crackling campfire, Linett watched as Arethryth silently polished the smooth wooden handle of her spear to a fine sheen. It had been another fruitless day in her ongoing search for Grace Redfern, scouring the wilds around Bree for such clues as might have drawn her mother south.

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Well-met in Bree

A while ago (longer ago than I meant it to be, sorry…I’ve not forgot this series, just been so busy with school this time of year), Linett shared the story of the disappearance of Grace Redfern, the event that started her on her own adventures. It’s time now to hear from some of the other characters in this story and see how they fit into events. Without further ado, here’s Pellandir!

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Floating Vegetables Follow Vanita, While….

[rest of title that wouldn’t fit in the editor:…While Lennidhren longs to dance.]

Unfortunately however, this floating bunch of blueberries was not quite the right height for Vanita to add it to her novelty hat collection. It would’ve fit Alduine or another of the tallfolk though! Continue reading ‘Floating Vegetables Follow Vanita, While….’

More Fun with Floating Vegetables

Vanita picked up a new title today in the Lone Lands. An unofficial title, though, as you will never see it displayed on screen. But unofficially, you may refer to her as Vanita the Cabbagehead, thanks to her fancy new hat:

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A Gathering of Scribes

And by Scribes, I mean Bloggers. :-)

The Lord of the Rings Online Screenshot by RannaDylin - 2010-01-31 18:31:35

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Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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