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Ales and Tales in the Mess Hall

Apologies for the delay in posting my writeup this week; I had a ton of grading to catch up on Tuesday and just did not get to my blog that day. Wasn’t sure I’d get it up tonight either – we had Roman Game Night after school. But that did not end too late, so here I am!

With the F2P updates came an interesting new location in Bree. Just north of the Boar Fountain, a door now opens upon the Mess Hall, a place crowded with tables, chairs, and Ovens. Is there still an Oven in the Crafting Hall or did they just move them here? Or is there some significance to the Mess Hall in a quest I have not yet done? I’ve no idea, but it made for an interesting and atmospheric, if terribly crowded and hard on the display driver, spot for Ales and Tales this week.

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Party in the Pony!

The Lonely Mountain Band are such party folk. After Ales and Tales on Monday, the Green Hill Music Society Tuesday concert (which I missed this week on account of needing sleep…), and the album launch party Wednesday, I logged in tonight thinking to get a little questing done before I head to bed (no sleeping in on Saturday for this teacher; tomorrow is Fall Latin Day and I’ve got kids to chaperone!), only to find that a few LMB members were throwing a spontaneous party in the Prancing Pony to welcome new recruit Rieslin into the kin. So Lennidhren postponed her quests and caught a ride to Bree to join in the dancing!

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Launch Party: The Lonely Mountain Band’s “Beyond the Western Seas”

Wednesday, September 22: The famous shared birthday of two well-known Hobbits, now also the birthday – well, release day – of the Lonely Mountain Band‘s new album, Beyond the Western Seas!

Not even the dreaded dynamic layers could keep the crowd out of Michel Delving for this party. We packed the Bird and Baby full of merry music and dancing!

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Ales and Tales in Celondim

A crowd began to gather as musicians played on the docks in Celondim.

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A Beautiful Day in the Falathlorn Neighbourhoods

I think Falathlorn Day might be LOTRO’s first cross-server player created event – or at least the first one since I’ve been taking part in such. By that I mean, not just that players from other servers roll an alt to attend as they do for, e.g., Weatherstock or Ales and Tales, but that the event was designed to take place on any and all servers all at once. Three servers took part in it today, and it tended to be kinship based on each server, with the Rangers of Ithilien hosting parties at three members’ houses on Elendilmir, the Tinnu uin Galadhrim on Nimrodel at the homes of Tuiliel and Linett, and the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval at our kinhouse, Aerlinnbar. While I wish we had seen more participation from outside of the kinships (although there was a bit more of that before we all started recruiting each other’s cross-server alts…heh. 🙂 ), the parties were a great success, with creative, fun events that varied from house to house enough that even those of us like Gaiagil and I who attended on all three servers did not get bored. So I think the event fulfilled its purpose of showing what can be done in the housing areas and, hopefully, showing that they are important to players!


Gaiagil hosted the first party at her home in Merillant. My Elendilmirian alt, Linise, stopped by the Bird and Baby just this morning to learn how to fish when she heard that Gaiagil planned to give a tour of the best fishing spots in her neighbourhood!

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The Dwellings of Elves and of Hobbits

Of Elves:

I. Falathlorn Day this Sunday in the Elven homesteads. Come visit!

II. The Hall of Fire

Middle Earth Chronicles recently ran a screenshot contest looking for pictures of one’s favorite place in Middle-earth. So I sent Lennidhren over to Rivendell, where she put on her newest dress and went dancing in the Hall of Fire! That is indeed my favorite place, and you can read the reasons why in MEC’s post of the contest results…Yes, Lennidhren’s favorite spot won first place!

Here is the picture I selected to enter the contest with:

See the end of this post for some additional shots from the photo session. Meanwhile, on to the second portion of the post:

Of Hobbits:

The Hobbit dwelling in today’s post is my birthday cake! A while ago when the amazing Kiarane posted on A Casual Stroll to Mordor about her experiments in LOTRO cake decorating, complete with step by step picture tutorial for making a Hobbit Hole cake, I shared the link on Facebook with a comment along the lines of wondering if anyone would like to make me one for my birthday. Well, my cousin, who has some experience with cake decorating, suggested I should come over and make it with her. So, that’s what we did today! My mom and sister came along, as well as my niece and nephew. First we had lunch at the town festival that was going on this weekend (complete with a parade that we just missed), then while my nephew played with my cousin’s little girl and Mom held my baby niece, my cousin and I made the cake. Here we are with our creation! (I am the one with glasses.)
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Falathlorn Day is Sunday!

Just a reminder that players with Elven houses are invited to add themselves to the schedule for open houses on Falathlorn Day this Sunday! Linett will be hosting at her house at 3 Haven Way in Ecthelhad on Nimrodel at 4 pm EST, and Lennidhren will be at the Lonely Mountain Band’s open house on Landroval, 5 Waterbank Road, Eryn Vrithron, at 5 pm. Come and visit us even if you don’t own a Falathlorn house! Linett’s going to be putting on a fireworks show with the bags full of fireworks she and the alts have won in past lotteries…it should be a BIG show. 🙂

Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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