Long ago I posted about my new favorite mob, the Fiery Grims of the Flaming Deeps. Well, they have been superseded. Meet my new favorite mob – the Dun Ox.

Why am I so fond of this big guy? For one reason only: The highly amusing animation that occurs when Linett stuns him with a Light of the Rising Dawn. Usually the mob will just kind of stand there, with shoulders slumped if they’re a bipedal type, or in a crouch if they’re of the four-footed variety. Not this one. The Dun Ox performs a rolling-side-to-side maneuver that makes him look a bit, well, drunk, and cracks me up every time.

I tried to get pictures of the Dun Drunk Ox but this is the best I could do. Someone needs to shoot a video of it. Maybe I’ll figure out how…

1 Response to “Moo.”

  1. 1 Eirien October 8, 2010 at 11:41 am

    “Maybe I’ll figure out how…”

    Fraps has a free trial version you can use. Captures 30 seconds of footage at a time. More than enough to show off the Dun Ox’s trick!

    Looking forward to the vid, Linett. 😀

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