The Tinnu Take on the Giants

Sounds like a sports headline or something. Well, some of those giants do have a mean *kick*…

So anyway, over on Landroval, Lennidhren is still working her way up through the levels and generally just has to cheer on her fellow Lonely Mountain Banders from a distance whenever there is a kin run of any sort of end-game instances. But Linett’s new kinfolk on Nimrodel, the Tinnu uin Galadhrim, have begun to venture into the stronghold of Helegrod, so finally I can say that I have experienced a raid. 🙂 Last Friday was our first attempt (well, I think so. First I took part in, anyway) and it went well enough that we did it again tonight. It went a good bit smoother with experience this time, although we only did one quest in each wing to collect the Helegrod marks, instead of completing the whole raid. I do hope someday we’ll do the whole thing, just so I can see it, but it would certainly be a time-consuming endeavor!

Those giants are tricksy! It’s a new experience for me to have Linett traited for crowd control instead of Master of Nature’s Fury (she is a very melee-friendly lore-master most of the time…) but I’m enjoying playing that support role, keeping the nasty giants mezzed while everyone else kills their pet tigers. It’s a good thing we’ve had two lore-masters on each of these runs, though, because I’d be hard pressed to keep more than one mezzed on my own. Well, I could actually – 30 second mez and 15 second cooldown – but it’s a tricky bit of juggling, especially in that 15 seconds after you mez the *first* one…

We did also pay a call to some drakes…

And spiders with their pesky poisons (wait, spooky spider spoisons?)…

But the Giant Wing is my favorite so far, maybe because that’s where a lore-master is most needed.

And after a tough fight like that, nothing beats gathering at the kin house…and soaking in the pool…

Oh, and at this week’s run, there was an interesting fashion incident as Digger and Linett came dressed alike!

Tawarwaith robes are so pretty. Can’t wait to see how they look on Lennidhren in gold…considering that Tawarwaith is actually a name for Silvan elves such as she is, it should be a good look for her!

Oh yes. Tinnu raid night: It’s all about the fashion.

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