LMB Book Club: The Hobbit, Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party

The book club met at Bag End last night to discuss chapter 1, “An Unexpected Party”. We had a wonderful discussion with Kaetilly, Muiran, Gaiagil, Lindorieh, and Lennidhren.

We established a new chat channel for book club meetings, so that those who are out adventuring can listen in if they want to: /joinchannel lmbbookclub.

At this meeting we discussed such things as Bilbo’s transformation from his Baggins side to his Tookish side; the dwarf-ring of Thrain and why it did not get passed down to Thorin (and when did Tolkien come up with the idea of all those rings, anyway…); the origins of Dwarves and their love of treasure and things; how music woke the same love in Bilbo and compelled him to desire an adventure; how Bilbo’s breathlessness in chapter one gives a sense of adventure even in this part of the book where really, nothing dangerous is happening yet; the humorous tone seen throughout The Hobbit even in scary parts; Gandalf’s way of orchestrating things with much left to serendipity; and much, much more!

After the discussion we had a wonderful performance by Gaiagil and Lindorieh of the Misty Mountains poem set to music, with live readings of the paragraphs before and after the poem.

It was a great meeting! Thank you to all who could be there. We will continue with chapter 2 this week; look for a discussion thread in the Tolkien forum by Wednesday, and it’ll have the poll for scheduling this weekend’s in game meeting.


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