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Ales and Tales on Starmere Lake

Where is Starmere Lake, you ask?

Yeah. So did everyone. 🙂 I was thinking Everclear Lakes myself, and in fact, the Everclear Lakes would make quite a nice spot for Ales and Tales.

But Starmere Lake is a bit more remote. It was a good thing Lennidhren set out early to find it – several hours ahead of the event, in fact! Soon she called for help from kinmates Cressley, Dolongi, Laraan and Fillarion to scout out a good spot, and we all decided that the northernmost island on the lake was suitably picturesque. But it is certainly not an easy place to find! So we had escorts helping folks get there from Adso’s Camp, and captain Melanie summoning folks there, and with everyone working together we managed to collect quite a crowd on that island.

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Ales and Tales at Brandy Hall

The Master of Brandy Hall was kind enough to welcome a great deal of “commotion” to his front yard as Ales and Tales descended upon the peaceful fields of Buckland this week. As to the commotion – there were Bounder guards, NPCs not Bounders of the Shire players, wandering around during Nibbles and Nobs saying things like:

…which was hilarious when they said it while bumping shoulders with a HUGE crowd of folks, big and small, all dancing to the tunes of Nibbles and Nobs!
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Ales and Tales Brings Cheer to Trestlebridge

This week the merriment of Ales and Tales came to the gloomy, half-burnt-down town of Trestlebridge, in hopes to bring a bit of cheer and light to that sad town. Alas, our hostess Harperella was detained and could not join us there. But that would not stop the festivities; when we learned of this, Byrdie and I volunteered to co-host in her place, since no one else with hosting experience was present either. So Byrdie organized the program with the list of acts while I organized the Old Winyards band and the group dancing, and it worked out quite well. But my goodness, keeping track of so much was exhausting! Clearly it takes a Hobbit PLUS an Elf to equal what Harperella manages single-handed every week…

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Ales and Tales: To the Professor!

My, nearly a week late I’m posting this. *tsk* Derailed by back to school and the writing of final exams, I’m afraid…but here at last is the long delayed report on last Monday’s Ales and Tales! It fell on a Very Important Day this week: January 3rd, Tolkien’s birthday! So we began with the traditional toast to “The Professor!” at the Bird & Baby Inn in Michel Delving, led by Galenhir.

After that we had Ales and Tales out in the courtyard of the inn.
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Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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