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Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns On!

Horned Hat

Horned Hat

Finally, finally done with the horns! The polls were very clear that I must not omit them, but I was about to make an executive decision to ignore the polls if I had to knit those things one more time…Not entirely due to the very legitimate necessity of reknitting them when a plan didn’t work out the first time and I had to adjust where to put the decreases, or when to change color, or how many plain rows should go between decrease rows…yes, I had to reknit at least once for each of those miscalculations. The really sad part was when I had to redo my final reknit of horn #2 (which should have been a simple matter of copying the pattern as I’d worked it out for the other horn) because I forgot to change needle sizes when my own pattern said to and knit the majority of the horn on needles two sizes too small.

Ah, that feels better. Knitting confession is good for the soul.

So now that I am done being an idiot in attempting to follow my own pattern (ha, not likely), here is how the horns turned out!

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Lord of the Hats: Yarn to Test Knit the Dunland Shieldman Hat

The current poll is awfully close now between Gold and White in the lead! Both would make a lovely looking crown on the Dunland Shieldman hat, wouldn’t they? It’s a good thing, then, that both colors are available in this yarn  I found at JoAnn’s yesterday: Vanna’s Glamour:

Vanna's Glamour

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Lord of the Hats: Dunland Shieldman Spectrum

Since I’m nearly finished with my first LOTRO hat project (just the horns and clover patch to go!), let’s take a look ahead to the next hat on the list: The Hat of the Dunland Shieldman.

Dunland Shieldman

The hat in the collage above was dyed Navy. This time, I’m going to put up the “Which color?” poll BEFORE I order yarn to make the hat, so here is how it looks in every other color! Continue reading ‘Lord of the Hats: Dunland Shieldman Spectrum’

Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap: The Border

I thought knitting the white border of this hat would be pretty simple, but it ended up being the only knitting I got done on the hat yesterday (having been unable to work on it for the previous few days, what with Weatherstock and Ales and Tales keeping me busy…). Not because it takes so long to knit a little white edging around the borders of the hat, but because I couldn’t get it to turn out how I wanted and kept having to reknit! I first thought I’d try an i-cord edging, in attempt to give it that fluffy, rounded look that the original has. Well, that just wasn’t working out so I ripped it out pretty soon and tried my next idea: a folded hem. I thought also about doing a plain ribbing but the border in the screenshots just doesn’t really look like ribbing to me. And I’m very fond of knitted hems as a neat, tailored finishing detail.

The problem was getting this particular hem to lay flat. Continue reading ‘Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap: The Border’

Lord of the Hats: Spring Flinger Cap – Stage 1 Complete

The current state of the Spring-Flinger Cap:

The hat takes a bath

And then it has an airing

Stage 1 – that is, the maze-patterned base of the hat – is complete! Continue reading ‘Lord of the Hats: Spring Flinger Cap – Stage 1 Complete’

Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap, lower back

I finished knitting the back flap today. On size 7 needles, this bit of colorwork came out to about 12″ wide and 3.5″ tall – just about right on the width but a little shorter than intended. I could maybe add some rows to the colorwork chart, but I will be adding height with the orange stripe that comes next as well as the furry looking trim added at the end, so I think I’ll leave it at this.

SFC - lower back

SFC - lower back

I made a few minor changes to the chart as I was knitting, where I noticed places that didn’t quite fit with the standardized width of the stripes elsewhere. I like how it turned out! I do wonder, for the top sections of this maze pattern, how closely they’ll follow this design or how much I’ll need to adjust it. Those sections will need to be taller, I’m sure. They’re hard to see in the screenshots, too, what with the horns covering part of the design and the angle of one’s head making the pattern all distorted over the curves. Well, if I can’t get a thorough look at the design in game, I can just adapt what I have here to fit the space I need it to cover!

Gauge of this piece, not yet blocked: 4″ = 21 st; 2″ = 12 rows.

Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Chart 1

I sat down with Excel today and charted out what I hope will be a good match to the maze design seen on the lower back of the Spring-Flinger Cap:

Spring-Flinger Chart 1

It ended up a little wider than the 30 stitches my gauge called for, so I’m going to try knitting it up on size 7 needles instead of 8 and see what gauge I get on those. This is the right side of the back flap; for the left side you just mirror the chart, i.e. you knit from right to left across the row then knit it again reading the chart from left to right. That makes a total of 66 stitches in the row. 20 rows high should be about 4″ (depending on how much my row gauge differs on the 7 needles from the swatch on 8s).

Well, I think that’s about all. Time to cast on!

Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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