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Damn son. Hawk’s getting angry. You better run.


whoops, my hand slipped

The Simon Is Almost Killed series…

City of Bones: City of Simon is almost killed by vampires.
City of Ashes: City of Simon is almost killed by the sun.
City of Glass: City of Simon is almost killed by the Clave.
City of Fallen Angels: City of Simon is almost killed by Lilith
City of Lost Souls: City of Simon is almost killed by Raziel
City of Heavenly Fire: City of Simon is almost killed by Asmodeus


 This is an attempt at mimicking the style from Dragon Age Inquisition (their tarot card style anyway) and idk… if nothing else I had fun doing it, it was nice being able to get back to photoshop to do something legit. 


Festis bei umo canavarum


my love


commission-Dragon Age II by Razuri-the-Sleepless

!! Witch hazel, Fenhawke!


: a

His loathing
of mages doesn’t make him immune to their tricks, it would seem. But this is
not a spell she ever meant to cast, for though her fingers are reckless with their
weaving of thunder and fire and she often miscalculates the lethal trajectory of her magic, Fenris is sure Hawke
did not intend this.

the spell is cast with her deep-bellied bark of a laugh, reaching places within him thought long lost, and when she looks at him from across the table with that gleam in her eyes he is the one
who is lost. The whole of him, mind and soul and his weary heart.

And she doesn’t
mean to, Fenris knows, but he can’t help but resent her for it, when the urge
strikes him to reach for her – to touch her neck, her sharp jaw, and to draw
that laughter from her belly, only to smother it against his lips. He starves
for the feel of her, his yearning an ugly, desperate thing, but with every
laugh the spell settles further, sinks under his skin until it’s carved into
his bones. And the day
he finally does touch her is the day he succumbs – the day he lets the full, violent force of it consume him, as he does her, until she’s the one who’s left gasping
for air and the desperation is hers, not his.

He leaves
her, still under the spell. It pulls on his limbs, like strings on his heart,
but he’s been a puppet once and he won’t be again, though she doesn’t mean to,
he knows she doesn’t mean to.

“Was it that
bad?” she asks, the words light, but he can’t string his own together, still at the mercy of
her touch, the bewitching chant of her voice. 

she says then, magic in her words and magic in her very being, but all he can
do is walk away, because she’s burning too bright for him to touch, and though
his heart aches and his bones ache he dredges up his very last ounce of
strength to resist. 

“Forgive me.” And he speaks the words
around the vice on his tongue, wrapped with the sealing spell of her kiss, and
though he wants to he can’t speak the words she deserves to hear. I am yours, and he is, he’s been since she’d
first snorted into her wine glass at something he’d said, spellbound in a way
that is no mage’s doing but hers, all her, and though his stubborn resistance is all
him, he knows, oh he knows there’s no walking away from this. 


“How well-versed are you in poetry? Antivan poetry specifically.”
– Zevran

Somehow this amusing little scene and drawing him never fail to make me smile when I’m not well. ♥

By the way, while drawing this, a little conversation between him and my Warden played out in my head. I told him: “You DO realize that those strings on your shirt are there so you tie them up?” And he replied: “So? I’m warm.” Well, he’s got a point. Still… His clothes are…Distracting. >//////>

Cassandra comments on Solavellan


Cassandra:  That Elvish word Solas uses to refer to you… it’s a term of endearment, if I’m not mistaken.

Lavellan:  You mean vhenan?

Cassandra:  Yes, that one.  What does it translate to exactly?

Lavellan:  It means “heart.”

Cassandra:  So Solas calls you “heart” then?  That’s very… (sigh) romantic.

Lavellan:  (laughs) Maybe Varric will include us in his next Swords & Shields book!

Cassandra:  (disgruntled noise) Let’s hope not.


Blogger Gatherings!

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