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And with the addition of the Tevinter Fugitive patch, here is an updated view of the whole collection! (Also, I really like knitting that Tevinter snake heraldry one, don’t I? I’m really quite proud of my charting on that one…)

I finished another Dragon Age bookmark so here is the whole collection over on my knitting blog! (You can see the new Fenris one by itself posted here.) Also, the new one is on Etsy! And the giveaway for any of these bookmarks is still running, so if you’d like one (or a custom knit one, whatever DA symbol you pick) head over here!


a reintro to digital for me.. would you guys ever be interested in prints ?

commission info + support me on patreon !


blood moon blood magic (for dragonage60min prompt ‘moonlight’)


The Flower



Over the past 24 hours I have been notified by several people about pages of Peter &
Company and other pieces of my artwork being supposedly “available for
sale” through a site called Wallpart (which I will not link in this post, for reasons explained below), and in the same time span I have seen many
other artists make journals/submissions/posts talking about finding their own
work on there as well. Naturally, the inclination of any artist finding
their work available for sale without their consent is to head to the
“Report Violation” link attached to every listing and file a complaint
to have it removed.


This site already has a bit of a history, and I’ve read several posts from people who dove into their site code and snooped around. Long story short, there are some very devious bait-and-switch tactics going
on. Essentially:

I have not found any confirmation that they are actually selling any of the images/prints that appear on their
Their “search function” is nothing but scraper software, which
essentially just loads up hits from Google Images and displays them
within a pre-built “shop” template based on the image’s resolution. This
is why every single piece on there has a title that is lifted directly
from whatever gallery site (FA/DA/Weasyl) or general website was hosting
it. Example: They have my title card from my Kickstarter page for the
P&C pilot, with the title lifted straight off the description.
– The dependence on Google Images is also why doing a search for your
own name will turn up different results each time, or possibly no
results at all, even though the listings still seem to exist if you have a direct URL to them
. Their “search” function never actually searches their
own listings; it even offers the same real-time suggestions that you’d get from a Google search bar. Confusingly enough, performing the
same search multiple times often returns different results at different
times throughout the day. I was able to find dozens of P&C pages
supposedly for sale by searching my name yesterday, but today none of
them show up in search results – even though the direct links to the
page forms (which I saved) still exist.
Their “Report Violation” link is actually a 100% phishing form. If you
fill it out, no matter what you put there, you will be sending them a
LOT more than you anticipated. This is
actually the main purpose for the site’s existence – they completely
anticipate artists being upset about their work supposedly being sold,
so they developed a system to exploit those who complain.

– Various pieces of malware and other malicious code have been found
embedded throughout their pages at different times. This site is just
bad news all around.
– The site itself is hosted in Russia, and has already swapped web hosts
4 times in the past few months. The current host is listed as ENOM, and
other bloggers/artists have already sent complaints and reports to
their contact page, with little luck. It looks like it’s already been
branded and caught in the past and is trying to keep itself alive.
– Also, for a site claiming to have “billions of images” available for
print, to only have a little over 3,000 “happy customers” should be a
pretty big red flag on its own.

So please – DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE. Do not attempt to search for your own artwork in its listings; if your work shows up on Google, it is guaranteed to be on that site. They’re even listing “prints” of web banners and other graphical elements that were never intended for printing. Do not give it page views, and
Instead, there is a petition asking for the domain to be stripped and brought down.

Please share the word around as much as possible so other artists don’t
potentially fall into their trap by thinking that their “Report
Violation” page is actually what it claims to be. These people are pure
scam artists, plain and simple. Avoid them at all costs. 


A Clarification 

When I made this post Monday night, I figured it would get 15 notes and not much else would come of it. Due to weather issues Tuesday, I was offline until late Tuesday evening, when I discovered the aforementioned post had alarmingly accrued 3500+ notes. 

I have received some asks regarding whether the heights in the post are canon. They are not canon. They are strictly my headcanon. I failed to specify that fact in my original post, and I apologize for that omission.

That post is taken from the XNALara posing software, which lets you edit the scale of the models. I changed them accordingly to meet my personal headcanon. The only game-canon element of the original post is the height difference between Garrett Hawke, Isabela, and Varric, whose models’ scales I left unaltered. (For any numbers nerds, here are the scales I used in my headcanon post: Carver (1.131), Anders (1.068), Aveline (1.088), Sebastian (1.051), Marian (1.064), Garrett (1), Isabela (1), Fenris (.972), Bethany (.95), Merrill (.92), and Varric (1).)

The images in this post are the unscaled models in XNALara. As you can see, the human males (and Fenris, I think) are the same height, a bit taller than the human women, who are a bit taller than Merrill, who’s somewhat taller than Varric.

As far as I know, the only Bioware character with a specific mention of height is Shale–10’ in The Stolen Throne, although I don’t think that height translated into their model in Origins.

tl;dr This post is a personal headcanon. The post you’re viewing is game-canon. I apologize to you, the viewer, if you were confused or feel misled, and I apologize to Garrett Hawke, for cutting him in half. Twice.


okay friends my dashboard is dead again please help a girl out and like or reblog this post if you post about

  • mass effect
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  • dishonored

i’m also cool with humor/memes/text-/shitposts or social justice stuff. i can’t promise that i’ll follow everyone but i’ll do my best to check out everyone’s blog 

For the Solas art you did, with the Var Lath/Ar lath words on the jawbone, would it be possible to get a design on each side of the throw pillow or is that not how it works?


On Redbubble, you can only have the selected design printed on both sides. So if you ordered Ar Lath Ma, you would get that pillow with the jawbone with Ar Lath Ma printed on both sides.

Redbubble unfortunately won’t let you have different designs on each side 😦

If you know of anyplace I can make a throw pillow design and have Ar Lath Ma on one side and Var Lath Vir on the other, please let me know!

It looks like can do that!

Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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