DA:I Trespasser – Low Approval Ending

In case you like elves, bald guys, rhythmic speech, questions, or all of the above *sheepishly raises hand* and resultantly couldn’t bring yourself to get Solas to hate you, here’s how that ending goes down! 

Note: we learn two things, 1) none but him could have borne the Anchor and lived, and 2) he removes it because he doesn’t want senseless death and chaos. He’s caused plenty of that already.  

Haha omg. He gives no shits whatsoever. “I’m the dread wolf, I created the veil, I will probably destroy your world sometime in the future. Btw I’m taking your hand. Peace.”

No, but can we talk about how that sad half-smile just disappears

“Oh. That’s  how it’s going to be.”

destinyapostasythetaiwanesedartjob Yes, let’s talk about that.
It’s like, “Okay, wow. Some thanks I get for saving this ass-hat’s life. Ah well. Still taking the hand.”

… the part that’s sticking out to me is that his plan is “MOST LIKELY going to destroy your world.”

In the versions of the scene I’ve seen, he makes it seem pretty definite. This world must burn in order to reshape it into the old one.


Just saw this mention of this conversation option on Patrick Weekes’ twitter:

Translation of the first cipher: “First draft, I was all enraptured and feelsy and Brianne went, “Wait, what about players who didn’t care?"”

Second cipher: “It’s only available if you’ve never exhausted one of Solas’s investigate hubs (the Fade, elves, etc). :)”

To no one’s surprise, it appears the way to get on Solas’ bad side is simply to not ask him questions… 🙂


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