Meet Emmen Lavellan, my Inquisitor #4! He’s a brash two-hand warrior who’s often served his clans in dealings with the local shems, so he (A) knows something of human culture and the Chantry already, (B) has his doubts about some of the Dalish beliefs and customs because he’s not quite so insulated as most of them, and © was the natural choice to spy on the conclave for the clan. Also he has always sort of secretly wanted to be a hero; he’s kind and helpful but tends to jump right into a confrontation without thinking it through, and is a bit of a show-off (now that I’m typing this, I think I may have just recreated Carver Hawke as an elf…um. anyway. don’t know yet if this one is a younger sibling too or what). Speaks before he thinks, and his glib tongue has been known to get him into trouble, but he’s also gotten good at talking himself out of trouble afterwards. All set to exasperate, and eventually romance, Cassandra.

(Also I seem to have borrowed his name from that poor elf kid in Merrill’s patchwork clan in my story “The Apostate’s Templar”. It is not unthinkable that this might be the same Emmen. Time will tell…)

(Also I will someday play a Cadash and an Adaar! But…not this time. Two Trevelyans and two Lavellans so far…)


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