The brooding pianist/singer in a dark music lounge who’s in debt to the (probably mafia related) club owner AU.

Inspired by this.

I am a weak, weak human being. And elfgirl931 is no help at all.

The long-awaited AU: Fenris is a brooding singer in a dark music lounge, in debt to the shady club owner Danarius. He can see no end in sight until one night when a girl like none other catches his eye.

    Fenris sighed inwardly as he sat down at the piano. Another night of smoky air and the same songs played in the same succession. Another night of polite clapping, the clink of glasses and whispered conversations, slithery backroom deals taking place in plain sight. At least he could still lose himself in the music. Danarius hadn’t yet taken that from him.

    His fingers mindlessly tapped out a lively introduction, one that he’d used before but knew would get some attention. The crowd was hard to see in the hazy darkness beyond the spotlight, but he could make out a few of the club’s regulars. There were two new figures leaning over Mr. Tethras’s lamp-lit table in the back, but they left almost immediately and began making their way towards the stage.

     Odd, Fenris thought, keeping watch out of the corner of his eye. If some sort of shakedown had occurred, it had ended unnaturally quickly. The regulars knew not to bother Tethras, for all that he seemed to do nothing but scribble in notebooks every night. He transitioned into his usual slower tune, forgetting the incident quickly. The blinding spotlights and murmuring crowd fell away, and he was alone in the music. It seemed as though little time had passed when he neared the end of his set.

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