Emmen Lavellan for your OC Sharing Day! My newest Inquisitor so here is all I know about him so far:

  • rather impetuous two-hand warrior
  • always sort of secretly wanted to be a hero, and it looks like now he gets the chance
  • he’ll try to be helpful, but tends to jump into things without thinking it through 
  • talks himself into trouble as readily as he talks himself out of it…
  • the Lavellan clan sent him to the conclave because he’s had more dealings with the shems than most of them (mostly in trade and such); also as a result of this he’s a little fascinated with the shems and more knowledgeable about the Chantry and such than most Dalish elves. He’s just a super curious little cat.
  • he’ll be romancing Cassandra if he doesn’t exasperate her too much first!

Oh my, he is adorable! Hopefully by now he’s done a bit better at not exasperating poor Cassandra 😉 It would be a shame if he got himself into… trouble 8D

“So this business about the elf being the Herald, it’s true?”

Nerissa leaned across the table, her mug of ale untouched as he peered at her company. Varric shrugged, taking a gulp of his drink before setting it down to recline back in his chair.

“Honestly? I don’t know. But with a damn hole in the sky and people just walking out of the Fade? I think I’m ready to believe anything – all this shit is weird anyhow.”

She giggled, nodding her head as she leaned back. Finally snapping up her mug, she took a sip and stood.

“Well, I’m going to go talk to this Herald for myself.”

Varric nodded, muttering ‘you do that’ under his breath as he took another long swig from his ale.

The young rogue wove around the tables in the tavern, her eyes scanning each of the tables until she spotted him near the window, another elf across from him. She draped her arm over the chair the blonde elf sat in, flashing a grin to both her and the Herald himself.

“So this is our big, almighty prophet’s hero?” she asked, curiously.

“All touched,” Sera giggled.

Nerissa grinned, making a mental note to ask her name later.

“Emmen,” he introduced, eyes flicking up to her.

“Herald sounds more…” Nerissa tapped her chin in thought. “Ah, poetic!” This earned her a muffled snort, a stifled giggle as Sera covered her mouth.

“Was there something you needed?” he asked.

“Mmm, I was just curious.” She pursed her lips in thought, then grinned wickedly. “I know, how about we go meet the adoring masses? I know some of the visiting nobles would love to meet the Herald.”

“Sounds boring,” Sera stuck her tongue out.

“Not if you do it the right way.” Nerissa winked at her, then looked to the Herald for his approval. His gaze was darting between the two, his mind clearly churning in thought.

Another beat, then he answered. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.”


Ha, did someone say trouble? And Emmen, in the same sentence? Noooo surely not… 🙂

I foresee exasperation to come of this meeting!

(Incidentally, the most exasperating thing he’s done lately was siding with the mages as allies after In Hushed Whispers. Cassandra was not pleased – I think that’s the most disapproval he’s triggered from her yet – but she very graciously supported the decision when they got back to Haven.)


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