what? another dalish lullaby? 

… i totally didn’t realise this even existed lmao. accidentally saw it and i decided that yes, i must write for this one too. 

so here you have it! a thing. if anyone has a scan of it, please send it to me! i’d be interested to see. ;u;


Tel’enara bellana bana’vhenadahl,
Sethen’a ir san’shiral, mala tel’halani
Ir sa’vir te’suledin var bana’vallaslin,
Vora’nadas san banal’him emma abel revas.
Ir tela’ena glandival, vir amin tel’hanin.
Ir tela las ir Fen halam, vir am’tela’elvahen.

We/it lost eternity or the ruined tree of the People
Time won’t help when the land of dreams is no longer our journey
We try to lead despite the eventual failing of our markings.
To the inevitable and troubling freedom we are committed.
When we could no longer believe, we lost glory to war.
When the Wolf failed/won, we lost the People to war.

exec notes: 

decided to base it on a mongolian lullaby this time! more nomadic cultures, yay

wrote this one in ten minutes before i was kicked out of a music room ;u; i also fell asleep while prooflistening AGAIN? i think the circumstances of this song and Mir Dalen Somniar are ridiculously similar. both written after pulling an all nighter, both kind of just bullshitted on a piano and then blah

i’m very tired sorry friends just take this, i don’t have much else to say. also it’s in pentatonic 


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