lunardaisyart – see this is what happens when I wake up to amazing art in my inbox.  We headcanon about Carver & Merrill’s first kiss and what was supposed to be sweet and lighthearted ends up angsty and with me crying at my computer as I write it. 

So here you go. from the Happy Accident spin off, When Carver Met Merrill, Takes place about two months after Merrill’s moved into the apartment.

Art by Jin of lunardaisyart

First Kiss

Merrill had unlocked the outer door to the apartment and was struggling to hold it open while she maneuvered her bicycle inside.  

It was a tricky business. The door was a heavy metal thing
that stuck a bit so she generally had to use two hands to yank it open. That meant leaning her bicycle against her
hip while she did so, and if she yanked too hard her bicycle would fall over
and she’d have to let go of the door to pick it up and then the whole thing
would start over again. After almost two
months in the apartment though, she was finally getting the hang of it.

Unlock the door, prop it open with her hip or backside,
pushing it open enough so that she could stick the front wheel of the bicycle
between the door and the frame so it didn’t close again. Move one hand from the handlebar to the seat
to push it in further. The real
difficulty lay in the fact that, though there was room underneath the stairs to easily store at least three bicycles, there wasn’t quite room
enough between the front door and the stairs to wheel the bicycle straight
in. You had to wheel it in straight
until the front wheel was completely inside and then turn it sharply sideways,
parallel to the stairs to get it around the bannister. Only then could you
straighten it out and put it under the stairs.

It was tricky but getting easier each time.

She was just beginning to ease the bicycle carefully forward
when a voice said. “Here,I’ve got it.” The door was pushed open all the way and
she looked up to find Anders standing there.

She blinked at him.  “Oh.  Thank you.”
She quickly wheeled the bicycle in and under the stairs. Anders was standing by the now closed
door. “Thank you.” She said again.  

Of all the roommates Anders was the one she
felt least comfortable around. Not that
he was unkind or even unfriendly really, but he lacked the warmth of Annie or
Carver, or maybe it was that the sister and brother were so very warm and
welcoming, though in very different ways:
Annie, bright and friendly, always laughing, bestowing hugs and kisses
on everyone, never seeming to stay still, and Carver…

Her heart did a strange little flutter at the thought of Carver.
She knew the others complained about him
being sulky, and Annie teased him because he wasn’t as quick as she was, but
Merrill knew few people who were as sharp and quick as Annie Hawke. Merrill had never found Carver sulky in the slightest, and they spent all sorts of time
together. Both were early risers
and it had become a tradition for them to sit at the kitchen table every
morning talking over tea and breakfast, or not talking; it was equally comfortable
either way, and as far as Merrill was concerned a perfectly lovely start to the day.
They’d started meeting up on campus as well, accidentally the first time, but
they knew each other’s schedules now and more often than not, when she came out
of one her classes he’d be standing there waiting for her, and when he saw her his
face would break into a grin, and he’d take her books and carry them,
and lately he’d hold her hand as well, and they’d walk home like that the whole way.

It was wonderful.  

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