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hello! I’ve recently become absolutely obsessed with dragon age but u don’t have enough blogs to follow. if you are a dragon age blog, please like or reblog this post so I may follow most of you. thank you!

So, I finally have a blog header! Kinda rough so maybe I will tweak it later, when I am less weary from digging through SO MANY SCREENSHOTS di immortales how many screenshots do I take…

Anyway this is all my DA characters so far, except for one default Garrett Hawke created mainly to be a character I could stomach to sacrifice when Warden Alistair is in DA:I because I am not going to choose between Alistair and any of my custom Hawkes. *sigh* I liked Garrett anyway, despite my nefarious intentions for him…

But here they are, left to right, and they all have tags now so you can see more pictures if you haven’t already been flooded away by my posting them all tonight:

  • Horazia Aeducan, my first Warden, 2-handed warrior dwarf princess. Romanced Alistair and kept him with her and Anora on the throne.
  • Silas Amell, my third Warden, mage. Romanced Morrigan, fathered Kieran, followed them through the Eluvian.
  • Tully Hawke, my second Hawke. Sword & board warrior, romanced Merrill.
  • Satine Lavellan, my second Inquisitor. Knight Enchanter, romanced Solas, is determined to deter him from his course post-Trespasser.
  • Ranna Cousland, my fourth (and canon) Warden, daggers rogue. Romanced Alistair, became Queen of Ferelden.
  • Lisbet Hawke, my third (and canon) Champion, apostate yet she sided with the templars. Romanced Fenris; the pair of them utterly captured my heart and imagination; became the heroes of my Hawkquisition fanfic series. Is currently chasing after baby Malcolm in Skyhold while Fenris is away on Inquisition business in Seheron…
  • Thayer Trevelyan, my third (and canon) Inquisitor, daggers rogue. Has a knack for leadership and is probably the most capable of my Inquisitors, really. Romanced Josephine and married her in Val Royeaux, Divine Leliana officiating, after a bit of a kidnapping mishap…
  • Emmen Lavellan, my fourth and current Inquisitor, 2-handed warrior. Romancing and exasperating Cassandra.
  • Linett Travelyan, my first Inquisitor, archer. Romanced Cullen after breaking up with Blackwall and pining after Solas, but Cullen is just right for her really.
  • Linett Hawke, my first Champion, archer. Romanced Anders and found it in her very witty heart to forgive him and stay with him after Kirkwall.
  • Tarinnon Mahariel, my second Warden, archer. (It was an all-archer playthrough, Tarinnon then Linett then Linett!) Romanced Zevran but left him bereft when she made the Ultimate Sacrifice because she wasn’t going to mess with Morrigan’s witchery. Left Alistair and Anora on the throne.


I still don’t know how to work watercolors, but they’re fun to use anyways.


I got tagged by @dearophelia and @servantofclio to do the Flash Fiction Challenge: 5 minutes of writing. No outlines, no editing. Just write. In return, I’m tagging: @hotmilkytea@probablylostrightnow, @pearwaldorf, @rannadylin, @coppermarigolds, @faejilly, @sleepingseeker, and @onemooncircles, if you guys feel up for it 😀 

The Inquisitor gives Hawke a look across the fire, bright-eyed and eager as a little bird. 

“Do you have any regrets?” she asks. “I mean, about Kirkwall. Was there anything –?” The elf sighs, and waves her own question away, into the night air. “Nevermind, it’s none of my business.” 

Hawke sets the rest of her bread aside, uneaten. Her stomach rumbles plaintively, but her appetite is gone. She wants so badly to tell the Inquisitor to stick in her ear; that yes, this is precisely none of her business; to be quiet, and let Hawke savor her last few mouthfuls undisturbed. 

In three hours, they will be at Adamant, and Hawke already knows she’s not walking back out. 

It may not be any of the Inquisitor’s business, but the question is rather topical, in a ghoulish sort of way. Does Hawke regret anything about Kirkwall? 

She thinks of the Arishok’s steel slipping through her skin, of Isabela’s receding back, of Sebastian howling at her above the flames – and most of all, she thinks of Anders, and how she couldn’t face him as she killed him. 

Her mother and father are dead, her sister is dead, and her brother is many, many miles away. There’s no one coming to help her. 

But there might have been, she thinks. By now, Fenris knows where she’s gone, and is no doubt following, all fury and betrayal. 

He will be too late. She will die, but he will live. 

Hawke smiles at the Inquisitor. “No,” she says. “Not a one.” 

five minutes: falling asleep


@rannadylin tagged me in the five-minute writing meme and it took me like … three days to figure out what I wanted to do.

“And, while in Fe– Fer-… Fereden,” Fenris said with a scowl, the scrawled writing on the page giving him more trouble than he was used to, “the dogs are seen as …” 

He stopped when he felt the weight of Hawke’s body against his arm, warm and so familiar, but it had barely been more than two years since that night and he still wasn’t ready, he could possibly never be ready, and – 

And when he turned to look at her, he saw her eyes shut over the deep, blue-gray bags underneath her lashes, her breathing steady and hollow, body leaning awkwardly in his direction. She had insisted on continuing their lessons even though the town hardly let her sleep (or so she claimed – Bodhan alluded to far more personal reasons, and his allusions sounded increasingly like cries for help each time Fenris came to visit the estate, each time the scars on her knuckles became raw again).

Fenris sighed. His eyes wandered back down to the page and he continued to fumble through the chapter in silence, unmoving, holding a vague hope that his presence would help chase away the terrors that plagued her at night, and not be one of the things to invite them. 

He too, fell asleep before he could find out.

My first Hawke! Linett Hawke was mostly of a humorous personality, romanced Anders, spared him and went on the run with him afterwards. Probably a good thing I romanced him on my first playthrough, because I’m not sure I could after a Fenris romance…but I was giddy with seeing him again after Awakenings and did. not. expect. well.

Linett, however, was great.

Tarinnon Mahariel, my second Warden, who romanced Zevran though she very nearly fell for Alistair (again), but then made the Ultimate Sacrifice, leaving her dear friend Alistair on the throne with Anora, because she wasn’t going to mess with Morrigan’s witchery. She was a sassy archer with adorable little pigtails and is fondly remembered and missed…

My first Dragon Age characer was Horazia Aeducan, dwarven princess. Tough little 2-handed warrior who romanced Alistair, tried to make him king then hastily reloaded saves when that turned out to involve breaking up with him. So this is my only DAO playthrough in which Alistair is not safely on the throne and immune to being abandoned in the Fade. It is the world state for my current Inquisitor, Emmen Lavellan, who is going to have to leave Garrett Hawke there soon because can you imagine having this fierce lady after you if he left Alistair? Anyway. If any Warden could find the calling-cure, she sure will.

Some more Bioware but non-DA OC photosets! This is Linett Redfern, my Jedi Sage and first SWTOR character which I created to play with a friend and then got way more hooked on that game than he was. 

She got set aside for a while when I started a Smuggler alt and loved her so much I hit level cap with her first, but Linett is still my main and favorite SWTOR character, and her romance with Felix is my favorite in that game (except maybe Vector Hyllus…haven’t quite finished the Agent story yet so he might just win).

Linett is a very diplomatic, patient, kind Jedi Consular…very like Lisbet Hawke, come to think of it. I do clearly have a type for OCs…

My first Inquisitor, Linett Trevelyan. Archer Rogue, practical and not quite as patient as Lisbet Hawke. (She may or may not have had a bit of a crush on Solas when he was so polite and pleasant at their first meeting, but that went nowhere so she dated Blackwall a bit but got fed up with his waffling, cut him loose, and finally went for Cullen. Worked out well in the end!)

Also featuring the Inquisition version of my first Hawke, Linett Hawke. (Guess what my favorite name for a character in a new game is…I did not know when I started DA:I that the Hawke from your world state would make an appearance or I’d have either named this inquisitor differently or…well not used a different Hawke for the world state, I had no other Hawkes at that point.) Hm, now if I could find pics of Linett Hawke…must’ve done that playthrough on an older computer. 😦

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