Dragon Age Disney Companions? DISNEY AGE

EDIT: Added Carver and Meredith! Might add Sebatian later since he’s half finished, but probably won’t do any more because this is basically me just drawing the characters outfits and editing the faces and??? I think I’d rather just draw the characters to be honest. 

This started out as an observation that Isabella looked a lot like Esmeralda and then that spiraled into me thinking about a Hunchback of Notre Dame Dragon Age AU (with Fenris as Quasimodo and Danarius as Frollo) and then somehow this happened.

I’ve never edited a screencap in my life, but this was fun?? (I wish I’d used HD screenshots though *tiny violin plays*). I’m not even sure if I should post this to my art blog but they took a long time (and I’m really proud about Fenris’ and Merrill’s tattoos) so uh… (I also have Sebastian and Carver photos partially edited but they’re taking WAY too long because their outfits are too detailed bleh. Might add them & Hawke later if I find a good match for him). 


(Original screenshots: 1, 23, 4, 5, 67)


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