I don’t understand the hate for Bianca. I get that some people are peeved about her last words to the Inquisitor, but, if I were Bianca and the only person I truly love (my twin sister) was Varric, I’d say the exact same thing (probably with a much more gruesome threat, honestly). Maybe it’s because people want to romance Varric and feel jealous? I don’t know. I’ve asked before, but never got any answers. I just think the hate for her is completely unjustified from what I’ve seen.

This isn’t why people hate Bianca. It’s because she keeps Varric hanging on, despite having married someone else. She’s only there because she’s gotten in over her head and expects Varric to come save her. It’s abusive and my chest hair bro deserves more. And then she has the nerve to tell my Inquisitor that if “I” let anything happen to him she’ll feed me my own eyeballs? They should have given us the option to point out that she’s been no where near him for years. Has come to him only when SHE needs him. And has no right to threaten me over his safety. 


Bianca does not keep Varric hanging on and there is no abuse in this relationship.

Bianca doesn’t mislead Varric about their relationship. Bianca doesn’t make promises to Varric about where the relationship could go.

Bianca and Varric are two mature adults who care deeply about each other and decide to maintain a relationship despite the fact that they can’t and won’t be together in the way they might wish. They can’t express that love in the way they wish so they craft a relationship that lets them express the relationship in a way they can.

They both understand exactly what the terms of their relationship are. Varric is a grown man who makes his own choice, knowing the limits of his relationship with Bianca, to abstain from romantic relationships. 

This is love. That’s why Bianca asks for Varric’s help, because that what you ask of loved ones. That’s why she warns the Inquisitor, because she’s cares and worries for Varric. 

This is love. Just because it isn’t packaged up in the way we’re used to seeing and consuming it doesn’t mean it isn’t. And just because it might not be what some players recognize as a familiar model of a loving relationship doesn’t mean it’s abusive or invalid. 

You know, @becausedragonage, I think I’ve reblogged and added to your commentary on this exact subject before, and I continue to agree.

It also really bothers me that we’re presented with this brilliant polymath genius who is pretty much singlehandedly staging a Thedosian industrial revolution, who chose family and tradition because it advanced an incredible career, and people want to be angry at her for that and completely uncritical of the man who is still carrying a torch for a married woman all these years later.  Anyone who’s been following me for any length of time knows that I love Varric very very much, but he is a big boy and he makes his own choices.

And we dislike her because she’s insufficiently pleasant to Varric and the Inquisitor?  What’s that I hear?  *puts ear to seashell, listens intently*

“Hey Bianca!  You’d be prettier if you smiled more.”


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