“What’s this? Another book?”
“It’s a gift. C’mon, open it!”
“You know the bags are getting a bit heavy with all th-”
“Just open it.”
“… Er.. The pages have nothing. It’s.. empty. You’re… giving me an empty book.”
“I am!”
“Hmm….  Might I ask why?”
“So you can write down your memories. That way you won’t forget again. Ever.”
“… I… thank you.”

“Unless you lose it or something… or you can’t read your own handwriting, maker knows it could use some pract-”
“I love you too, Hawke.”

Please excuse the terribly written dialogue, just thought the picture needed something to go along with it 😀 Because cold weather makes me feel all cheesy and lame. Also, this happens after DA2 is over 😀
I love these two way too much.


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