Well, I made it about two weeks before I felt the compelling need to make more adjustments, so I’m just going to officially declare this chart an ongoing project. I’d basically been treating it as a living document, but hadn’t been looking at it that way. Perspective is everything! (Many thanks to the lovely Karin Weekes for bringing all of this into focus. Great editors are lifesavers. 😀 )

What does that change for the fandom? Nothing! I’ll continue doing updates like this and the permanent location of the chart remains the same. Just be sure to check there for the most recent version if you’re using the chart as a resource.

Anyway, onto the update (10/12/2015)!

Morrigan finally moved back to INTJ. Her emotions lie closer to the surface than the ENTJs; she just hides them behind a front, as we saw in Origins. Plus her leading Ni gets her into as much trouble as Solas’s does.

Duncan was a tough one. His functions did seem right as an ISFP, but the priority order was wrong. Duncan’s emotions aren’t nearly as close to the surface as I had thought. It can be harder to tell in older characters, as they’ve had time to develop their lower functions. But no, Duncan is more likely an ENTJ. He’s pragmatic with a focus on the long term, generally an indicator of high Ni use. I’m still open to reconsidering his type, but this feels right.


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