“ I do not glow.

Hawke tells me that I do, when I sleep. I feel her fingertips
walk up the spray of filigree on my back while we lay together and she tells me
that I glow in the firelight. She is…taken…with the idea, and I do not have the
heart to break the fantasy. Anders calls them “magic” and Merrill
calls them “Vallaslin” and Isabela only wants to feel them for herself. Varric,
I think, knows. He watches me with the look of a man who understands too well
that chains can come in forms beyond iron and steel.

They do not glow.

They burn.

They hum, and twitch, and sting, like a limb fallen asleep, or
cheeks too battered by an icy wind. They choke, as I watch her draw away
because she knows her hand in mine will only worsen the pain. They bind, as I
cover my body and pretend that I am not who I was; it’s easier when I cannot
see them.

They do not glow.

I do not glow.

Glowing is for dreams, and airy breaths against my ear when she
tells me that she loves me and I feel like warm starlight. If I can glow, it is
only because of her, all of them, but not these.
These…etchings, these scars, which I had once, in another blurred life, competed for…. do not glow, cannot glow.

Glowing is the business of sacred things.

I do not glow.“


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