Flemythal and Kieran on the fade, seen with flycam

The snake (or dragon) eating its tail is known as Ouroboros, and this is what it symbolizes –

“The Ouroboros represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the concept of eternity and the eternal return, and represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth, leading to immortality, as in the Phoenix.”

Pretty fitting for Flemythal, I would think.

good point!

Equally fitting for OG host Kieran!

Technically also five circles (big inner, big outer, inner edge circle, outer edge circle, other edge circle), along with the triangle and square.

I think it was @astralizey who originated that fabulous theory that involved five circles, right?

Hold the fuck up what if that sigil is literally a map of the realms of Thedas? The “real” world as the inner bubble with the Fade around it as the outermost bubble, the Eluvian realm to one side… And two others? The void? I have no idea what the fifth realm could be.

Does the ‘constellation’ in the middle match any of the ones from the astraria? I’m getting ready for a job interview that should call in the next 5-10 so I don’t have time to get super distracted looking it up myself o_o

How do you get the Kieran scene btw?

The scene with Kieran and Flemeth is part of the plot– if Kieran has an Old God soul (i.e. Morrigan performed the Ritual with someone in DA:O- anyone), Kieran runs off through an Eluvian and you get a scene with Morrigan, Flemeth, and Kieran.

…I don’t know what happens if Morrigan didn’t perform the ritual, and/or didn’t sleep with the warden…is there just no Kieran? Does that scene just not happen? Huh.

I never managed to get it!
Will have to double check my world state.
At what point in the game is it? After Adamant? Before end game I’d imagine.

It’s after Mythal’s shrine, before getting the dragon dealt with / the final battle with Corypheus.

It also depends on who drank from the Well of Sorrows. If I’m remembering right, if Morrigan drank from the Well you get a different scene, not in the Fade. So if you want to see Kieran abducted by Flemeth, the Inquisitor must drink from the Well.


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