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Warriors Such As: Fic Masterpost


This story in the Hawkquisition timeline is now complete! Thanks for sticking with me through such an adventure. 


Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition hears of Venatori creating warriors marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it on: AO3 | | DA

Or if you prefer to read it on Tumblr, here’s the chapter listing with titles and synopses:

  1. Wherein parenthood is hard

    Raising baby Malcolm is overwhelming and new parents Lisbet Hawke and Fenris are on edge.

  2. Wherein an expert is required

    Venatori in Seheron are experimenting with lyrium tattoos; Thayer Trevelyan’s advisors convene and send for Fenris.

  3. Wherein an agreement is reached

    Amantium irae amoris integratio est.

  4. Wherein farewells and firsts are spoken

    Hawke bids Fenris farewell as the Inquisition’s expedition to Seheron sets out.

  5. Wherein the ship sails

    En route to Seheron, letters are exchanged.

  6. Wherein Metis meets the Inquisition

    Seheron is not a very safe place for the Inquisitor and friends, but they do find one friend waiting for them.

  7. Wherein the forest is welcoming

    The trek through the jungle begins; meanwhile, interesting developments are occurring at Skyhold…

  8. Wherein Hawke’s worries are not ill-founded. 

    Fenris knows when things are fishy; saarebas are deadly; the jungle is a big place but Harding has lots of scouts looking for our heroes! Also Metis is kind of new to this combat thing.

  9. Wherein the weather interferes. 

    It’s a bad idea to wander around a jungle when you can’t see where you’re going.

  10. Wherein things become clearer

    Fenris’ past catches up with him, in more ways than one, and the Inquisition gains a formidable ally.

  11. Wherein we explore Ath Velanis. 

    Time to see what’s actually going on in that Venatori fortress, as soon as we find a way in through creepy tunnels! It’s all fun and games till someone slips and falls!

  12. Wherein plans change

    From opposite sides of the Ath Velanis gate, Thayer and Varric, Fenris and Metis reconsider their course of action.

  13. Wherein saboteurs are loose in Venatori territory

    Stranded in the fortress of Ath Velanis, Fenris and Metis make mischief for the Venatori.

  14. Wherein the magister refines his ritual

    Licinius intends to use Fenris’ markings as a template for his next red lyrium warrior…and so the ritual begins…

  15. Wherein Metis gets a tattoo

    Thayer and Varric return to Ath Velanis but Metis is already being prepared for lyrium markings…

  16. Wherein everyone is loose in Ath Velanis

    Licinius resorts to blood magic; Thayer searches for lost elves; and the lost elves discover side effects of the red lyrium ritual…

  17. Wherein Fenris gets his sword back. 

    Reunions! Thayer gets the team back together and Caligo discovers someone she hadn’t expected to see again.

  18. Wherein we depart Ath Velanis

    Thayer and team take the fight to the magister at last! And Hawke finally hears back from her Fenris.

  19. Wherein the ship sails. 

    Our heroes depart from Seheron, but there is still the matter of certain red lyrium tattoos to be dealt with.

  20. Wherein Hawke provides the hero’s welcome

    Hawke and Malcolm rush to Jader to meet Fenris straight off the ship.

  21. Wherein Merrill works a miracle

    This is it. The final chapter. Lyrium cleansing and birthday cake!


Title: Burned into My Soul. Found here.


grumpy little elf man


                                                                                                              “I  am   yours”


If you’re asking yourself if it’s weird to comment on a fic that has been up for years, that hasn’t been touched in ages, that was posted long before you were even in a fandom or even if you think the writer isn’t around or doesn’t care–

The writer cares. Leave the comment. You are the best person alive in that moment just because you have something to say. Even if they don’t hit you back for a while, even if they don’t EVER respond, it is NOT weird to comment on that fic. Fire away.

Reblog if you’re over 20 and still read/write fan fiction.




I’m curious!

Pf. I was almost 20 when I started reading/writing fan fiction 😛


Reblog if you appreciate fan art of your OCs


Maybe Varric is so fond of Cole because he knew someone else stuck between spirit and person. Someone he could have helped, he should have paid more attention, seen the foreshadowing, he’s a writer after all.
He should have known Blondie was going to snap and done something to stop it. But he sat back and didn’t interfere, he figured Hawke could handle Anders. He was wrong.
Now there is a new blonde. So similar to the last, but so different too. This one is younger, paler, thinner; takes even less care of himself. This one is more spirit. He’s been a demon before, he admits it. If he becomes a demon again he wants stopped.
Things would have been so different if Anders had asked to be stopped. If Varric had known Anders needed to be stopped. He wasn’t happy with what Blondie did but he didn’t deserve to die. After all, none if them had stopped him from becoming who he was.
This kid is so much younger than Blondie, so much more innocent, but he keeps making people promise to kill him if he starts to become a demon. The kid doesn’t deserve to die. The only solution is to make sure the kid doesn’t become a demon.
This time he’ll do whatever he has to in order to save his friend. Maybe it’ll make up for what he didn’t do before.

TL;DR: Anders and Cole have a lot in common, Varric notices and he’s not going to let what happened to Blondie happen to the kid.

7 YA Must-Reads That Started As NaNoWriMo Projects



In case you need a little inspiration for your NaNoWriMo project!


7 YA Must-Reads That Started As NaNoWriMo Projects


DA Dad Busts – Fenris

Quite a few people requested the beloved broody elf~

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