ELF FACT: Elves are biologically incapable of being unhappy while riding a halla.


Merrill looked over at Fenris.  “I know you don’t want to be here, but I need your help.”  she said.  He frowned.  “How exactly do you expect me to help?”  he asked.

“She won’t listen to me, and I fear if she stays here away from my clan, she will be hurt.  Halla are like Mabari to a point, they choose the elf they want to have ride them.”  she remarked.

“And what makes you think this… Halla… would want me?”  Fenris asked.

“I am not sure, but you are far too grumpy all the time, and she may be able to help that as well.”  said Merrill.

Fenris’ frown was practically permanent now, but he reached a hand forward to touch her nose.  Surprisingly she nuzzled his hand, and he found himself smiling.  He wasn’t sure why, but the facts that she did like him… it was nice.  She moved to the side of him, and Fenris slowly got up on her back.  He was smiling a little, this was… it was nice. 

“There you two are, we came as quickly as we-”  Hawke said with Anders at his side.

“Wow, she liked him.”  said Anders with surprise on his face. 

Fenris scowled at the mage, but then she began to trot and he found himself riding her around.  He was all smiles by the end of the day, as they helped the halla back to the clan, him riding her on the way there.  Finally once she was back, the clan were not only surprised, but embarrassed a city elf had returned her to them.  Alas, he bid farewell to her, but not before Hawke asked if they could come back to visit her.  He got a ‘yes’ from the halla keeper of the clan.  And Fenris walked back with them to Kirkwall, a longing look back at the halla as they left. 


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