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according to your birthday, in 2016, you will


1-5: steal
6-10: consume
11-15: master
16-20: battle with
21-25: hoard
26-31: transform into

january: anime
february: chocolate
march: knives
april: potatoes
may: flowers
june: seaweed
july: the Declaration of Independence
august: puppies
september: school supplies
october: bones
november: crispy leaves
december: snowflakes

11 Questions

Tagged back by @therealfrankenberry! I’m going to skip the part about making up new questions and tagging more people this time though, since I just did it not so long ago. But here’re my answers to your set!

1. Specific to Origins, which Origin was your favorite?

Hm, let’s see…I once played through all of them in a row that I hadn’t already done a full playthrough of, just to see the origin story itself, but can I remember all that now? I guess probably the Aeducan one, which was my first full playthrough. It is thanks to that little Dwarven princess that I have yet to do a playthrough where the Warden supports Bhelen for king of Orzammar…Not even if that playthrough’s warden might have good reason to!

2. What are your 3 favorite DA Fanfics? Links if possible!

Another tough one! OK let’s see what I have in my AO3 bookmarks and if I can actually pick just 3…(in no particular order, except the order in which they were added to my bookmark list…)

  • Wander Wild and Far by @spirrum (Hawke, pregnant, and Cousland Queen too? A combination that promises much, and the fic delivers.)
  • Ascendi by @loquaciousquark (HOW do I choose just one from your corpus? HOW? Well, if I must, it’s by choosing the one with both a Varania reconciliation and a Latin title. Also this still is pretty much my favorite.)
  • Find Your Own Way Back Home by @locketofyourhair (In which Fenris has grown so much by association with Hawke, grows yet more when separated from her by happenstance, and adopts two precious children sort of accidentally. And just generally shows how good a man he’s become.)

Ugh, I cannot stop at 3! Gonna list just two more that have really left an impression on me, and then I’ll stop. Also going to leave off the numerous WIPs I’m following…for now…I should probably compile a rec post soon for more of my favorites, WIPs and completed alike…

  • Into the Abyss by saosmash (Hands down, best rescue-Hawke-from-the-Fade fic I have seen yet.)
  • From the Ashes by @tarysande and @w0rdinista (It claims to be a fic, but it’s more like a trilogy or maybe seven books in one. And they are all amazing. Make time to read this epic, it’s well worth it!)

3. Besides Tevinter, where else would you like to go in the DA games?

EVERYWHERE. Rivain. Antiva. Seheron. Anderfels, especially Weisshaupt. Nevarra. Outside of the Thedas continent even!

4. What decision have you made on your Inquisitor/Champion/Warden that you regretted later after finding out the consequences?

Romancing Alistair with an Aeducan then making him king? Reloaded saves to fix that though, so does it count?

Lisbet Hawke rather regrets killing Anders, so I regret that her playthrough was the one where I tried that option…

5. What’s your favorite ship and why?

Fenhawke! Because (A) Fenris grows and heals so much by friendship with but even more by romancing Hawke, and (B) such devotion.

6. What non DA media do you strongly associate with DA? (ex. Brooklyn99 is Kirkwall and you cannot convince me otherwise)

Um can’t think of much. Well, there was the musings I had yesterday on how Star Wars handles the Force vs. how Thedas handles magic, so maybe that.

7.  What’s your favorite class and spec to play? Does it change from game to game?

I usually start out as a rogue (archer first, so I can stand back and watch and figure out what’s going on; but I like daggers rogue best once I’m familiar with the game), but I do love playing a mage too. Let’s see, my playthroughs went like this…

DAO: 2-hand warrior–>archer–>mage–>daggers

DA2: archer–>2-hand warrior–>mage–>sword & board

DAI: archer–>mage–>daggers–>2-hand warrior

Conclusions: I need to play a daggers Hawke, and I avoid tanking.

8. Who were your favorite and least favorite companions?

It actually varies by playthrough, as I try to make good use of all the companions if only to trigger more banter, but I also try to befriend the ones I think fit best with that particular OC’s personality, so I end up liking them all well enough. But favorites! Fenris. Alistair. Nathaniel. Varric. Cassandra. Solas. Dorian. Honestly I love them all, and as a teacher I am immune to any attempts to make me say otherwise.

9. What’s your favorite party combo to bring to the fade in DA2 and DAI?

I vary this a lot too, but it’s fun to see Solas geek out about the fade in DAI.

10. What do you think is going on in Weisshaupt?

It’s got to involve griffons, hasn’t it?

11. If you were plopped into Thedas mid-blight, -kirkwall rebellion, or -inquisition, where would you fit into all this?

Trying to preserve the nearest library from looting/burning/chantry explosions! Thedas does not need a repeat of the library of Alexandria incident, and Brother Genitivi and Philliam! A Bard deserve defending. I could even follow the Warden/Champion/Inquisitor around and gather up all those codex books they find, and make a proper library out of them.

Wintery blues/cheering up prompt for Hawke/Fenris? :D


Winter in Kirkwall had lasted approximately forever, but in that time, it had only snowed twice. The rest of the time, it had just been cold. It wasn’t often cold enough to snow, but it rained constantly, the damp and chill leaching through even the warmest of wools. Kirkwall’s cobbled streets were constantly  wet and slippery, slick with ice in the mornings and evenings. The few occasions when Hawke managed to get outside the city, doing a few jobs out on the coast, were even worse: the sea winds cut through her cloak like a knife, the salt stinging her chapped lips, and all the ground was marshy and sodden.

All in all, Hawke had finally given in to her companions’ complaints and agreed to stay in for the rest of the season. Varric said the expedition wouldn’t leave before spring anyway, and he and Isabela were both increasingly difficult to pry out of the Hanged Man, which, Isabela pointed out frequently, was at least warm.

And yet. Gamlen’s house was too small and cramped. The cold seeped through the cracked walls, and the roof leaked. If Hawke spent too much time there, rubbing elbows with him and her mother and Carver (Maker bless him, Carver seemed to take up more than half of any room he was in, all elbows and growling about the chill, even though he’d been supposed to patch the leaky roof and the damned thing still leaked), she might go insane. Mother and Uncle Gamlen had been spending the winter sniping at each other about old slights and arguments Hawke couldn’t make heads or tails of, and she hated it.

She’d been helping Anders in the clinic, but she’d had about as much of the stench of Darktown as she could take, too. Merrill had come down with something that had her sneezing and coughing and didn’t want visitors. Aveline was on night patrols these days, which meant she slept half the day and was poor company the rest of it.

So Hawke found her steps turning toward Hightown.

She hesitated on the doorstep of Fenris’s mansion. (Or, at least, the mansion Fenris was occupying.) She reached for the massive brass knocker with its serpent’s head, and stopped herself before she touched it. There was little purpose in disturbing Fenris, really. Hawke had no real reason to be here, no work to offer, only an ill-formed, restless desire for companionship. It was foolish to come here. Of all her acquaintances, Fenris was surely the one least interested in offering any.

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7/7/7 WIP Challenge

Was tagged again for this by @spirrum a while ago but have just now got to the seventh page of the next unpublished chapter, so now I have something to answer with!

The rules are as follows: Go to page 7 of your WIP, go to the seventh line, share seven sentences, and tag 7 more writer-bloggers to continue the challenge.

Tagging, no obligation: @broodywolf @quinnlocke @glyphron @lyriumrebel @loquaciousquark @w0rdinista @vertigosight and anyone else interested!

This snippet is spoilery if you haven’t read through chapter 14 of Warriors Such As, so here follows a cut. Proceed at your own spoilable risk.

Fenris considered finding out just how well recovered his markings were, but the extra guards and his lack of any other weapon, as well as the fact that they already had Metis fastened into his restraints, stopped him from any rash attempt at escape.

Then Licinius, raising his staff, motioned for Fenris to be brought close. Feeling the ropes cut away from his wrists, he tensed, prepared to be returned to restraints himself, but the magister had other ideas.

“We must be sure the markings are done exactly right this time,” Licinius said, beckoning Fenris closer to Metis’ table. “I want you where we can see you most easily. Right there – stop. Yes, that will do.

And because that’s not even that great a snippet, I’m going to cheat and also give a bonus seven lines from page 5, because I like this bit better. 🙂

And he began to speak of pain. Slowly at first, halting, overwhelmed himself at the memory of the torment he had long struggled to put behind him. But it became easier as he went on, the warmth of his father beside him a reminder that his purpose was to spare Metis the same panic he had felt at the first bright flare of pain from the brand on his skin, the first white wash of pain from the lyrium bonding to the burns, the mad rush of pain overwhelming his thoughts, flooding his mind and crowding out his dearest memories. Fenris grasped at Metis’ own tactics and found the strength to explain it all calmly, academically, observing from time’s distance the unspeakable trial he had gone through and finding it possible to speak of it after all.

And by the end, his father’s head leaned against his shoulder; for which of them the comfort was meant, Fenris was unsure, but it was enough for them both. Bound hands prevented Metis from working any magic, but Fenris could feel the lyrium in his skin listening to the magic in his father’s blood, as if waking from the sleep induced by the magister’s potion upon them both.

Magic. Fenris tensed again and said, “Promise me one thing, Metis?”


Writing Prompt Bingo

A bingo card full of writing prompts. If you’d like to challenge yourself in 2016.


sappy hawke noises


pistachioinfernal answered your post: Satinalia approaches.  Would it b…

Toothless from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. And for some reason, I picture Fenris dancing in costume 🙂

bettydice answered your post: Satinalia approaches.  Would it b…

FENRIS AS THE SATINALIA DRAGON (idk hawke might have remembered that story wrong)

HApPy NeW YEaR, EvERyoNe! :B

New Year’s Eve: Time to write!

Last day of 2015! My introverted self is happily not going out, spending it quietly at home writing Fenris and Metis out of the pickle I’ve gotten them into. Or maybe into greater pickles. Time will tell. Will 2016 be pickle-free? I doubt it. Anyway with luck there will be one more Warriors Such As chapter before the new year!


requested by @fenris-little-lupus

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