(okay, so, I saw @slugette doing this and I thought it was a really great idea–the answer to “what do i do that’s not a giveaway, different from a meme, and let’s a larger amount of people take part?” so I stole it from her like the thieving peanut I am–with permission of course!)

In celebration of my 1K milestone and the fact I aged today (thanks for following aaaand for all the birthday wishes!), I want to draw some simple portraits of all your OCs. ALL. OF. THEM. They’ll just be simple character portraits, similar in style to this Dorian or Varric (though probably just flat colours, depending on how many faces I get).

And this is for followers only of course, since it is follower appreciation!


  • submit at least one good, clear face shot of your OC to me (or message me with a link if you find that easier)
  • tell me their name so I can label them properly
  • can be any OC you like, though they MUST have a screencap or faceclaim for a reference
  • inform me if there’s any details that need to be added– jewellery, scars, other hair colours, that kinda thing
  • you can also let me know if there is an expression you’d like them to have

….or don’t have any photos of your OC/don’t want me to butcher your OC, NEVER FEAR! I don’t want anyone to be left out, so I will draw a canon character in the same fashion! so if that’s what you’d like:

  • just send me a message or an ask with their name
  • …unless it’s a minor character/someone you’ve never seen me draw, then you might want to submit a photo ref just in case (i mean, it’s always fine to submit reference regardless–one less trip to google for me!)
  • again, you can tell me if there is a specific expression you’d like to see
  • the only catch here is that it needs to be a character from my usual list of fandoms

I have no idea how many I’ll get, so I’m not sure how many to accept, but I’ll make a post when I decide I have to close up shop. But until then, request away!

reblogging agaaaaain for a few updates:

I just want everyone to know that if I do not message you, your references are 100% fine (I have messaged exactly 0 of you, so you’re all good to go). I also saw every birthday wish on those posts too and thank each and every one of you! You definitely know how to make a person feel very loved.

Submissions are still open–I’ve gotten a few of you who were worried that you were too late, but FEAR NOT! I’ll make a post when this is closed, so you will know. Until then, feel free to keep submitting. I’ve got quite a number already, but HEY I want to draw a crapload of portraits for you all so KEEP THOSE PICS A-COMING.

(also, they are going to take a while. I’m gonna to start on them tomorrow, and I will probably post in batches of 4 or 6 as they are completed, depending.)


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