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Now on Redbubble!

I made a Redbubble shop! So far all that’s in it is Fenhawke chibis (priorities, right?) but I will expand it as I draw more things to put in there!

Plus there’s a sale at Redbubble today! 29% off hoodies and 20% off everything else with the code LEAPDAY.


fenris caps

to my followers sweet on a different tattooed elf.


my fellow @fenhawkearchive mod and friend @broodywolf started a sideblog called @zevranology.

you should go check that out and pour some more Zevran onto your dash. 



I recently did a Dragon Age questions meme where I was asked to share an epic gameplay moment. I had trouble thinking of one at the time but I just remembered this embarrassing and/or awesome anecdote:

It was the DA2 quest Night Terrors. Aveline had already betrayed us and so rogue!Hawke, Anders, and Fenris went to confront the Pride demon. The demon spoke with Fenris, Hawke couldn’t talk him out of it, the combat scene started, and Fenris managed to kill Anders and Hawke in one swing. He just sliced through both of us with his gigantic sword before we had a chance to do anything.

Okay, no problem, death happens. I reloaded and made sure that Hawke and Anders were at opposite ends of the room during the fight. We actually managed to last several seconds this time before Fenris destroyed us again.

I adjusted Anders’ and Hawke’s tactics. I tried controlling Anders during the fight and keeping Panacea active. I set the difficulty to Casual. We still couldn’t kill Fenris. I was starting to worry, because I didn’t have any previous saves to revert to. 

Finally, I managed to survive only by unequipping Fenris’ sword before we walked into the room with the demon and even with that it still took a disturbingly long time to kill him. 

Do not fuck with Fenris.

i had the same problem on one playthrough, and it got to the point where i had to change fenris’ tactics so that whenever he was faced with an enemy he would just stand still and do nothing (because otherwise i would just get fucking obliterated constantly)

which turned out fine, however after the quest had finished and everything was resolved i was running around the alienage and i kept hearing this incredibly disturbing screaming, like, CONSTANTLY and i could not figure out where it was coming from and was just freaking me out

and eventually i found the source, which was fenris, stuck in the doorway of merrill’s house and screeching battle cries at the top of his voice because i forgot to turn his ability to move back on and he couldn’t do anything else

So now we know what happens when one forgets to let Fenris out of time out…




a smol fenris to compensate for the lack of art while ive been working on Stuff


Some practice because I’m bored and because his mood is pretty close to mind.

Blogger Gatherings!

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The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

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