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cypheroftyr suggested Fenris in Grey Warden armor and I was gonna do something cute/funny but then I uh strayed kinda far away from that original idea.

Rogue Hawke Champion armor is weird but I think I’m making progress on it…Elithea-doll now has shoulder armor, leg armor that still needs to be sewn on, and a hip cape that is blocking now.

Still in doubt is whether she will end up with boots and gauntlets. Maybe Fenris has convinced her of the advantages of going barefoot?


Tonight’s sketch: FindingHome!Fenris


Someone asked for Fenris in Seheron, so I drew him with the Fog Warriors. 

(There’s no way he didn’t go on a few raids with them…)

Dragon Age meme

Time to do a meme while I procrastinate actual fic writing… 😀 Happy Saturday!

Tagged for this one by @springacres and in return I shall tag, ah, let’s just go with an open tag because I’ve lost track who has already done this one. So if you haven’t and want to, take this as your cue and tag me to see the results? 🙂

1) Favorite companion?

Di immortales! How is one to choose? I mean, obviously Fenris as
LI, but there are so many I just enjoy having around.

2) Least favorite companion?

It varies with playthrough, really, because a companion who gets
overlooked by one of my PCs ends up being good friends with the next. Among the
most neglected, though, probably Vivienne, Sten, Sera, and also Loghain because
only once did I actually recruit him and then I went back and reloaded an
earlier save to avoid Alistair storming off like that anyway.

3) Which of your characters
(Warden, Hawke, or Inquisitor) did you put the most thought into?

In designing them for the playthrough? Probably Thayer
Trevelyan, or possibly Silas Amell or Satine Lavellan. As for putting thought
into them during and after the playthrough, for fic reasons, probably Lisbet
Hawke and Thayer, again, because Hawkquisition made them my main characters and
canon playthroughs.

4) What did you name your

My mabari end up with such random names, I don’t even remember
them all but Lisbet had a Tiberius and one of my Wardens had a Tulip and
another Warden had a Lark and that’s about all I can recall!

5) Who do you want to romance
but can’t?

Hmmmm….honestly I’m still working through the actual possible
romances so I haven’t been that much distracted by the unromanceable characters…

6) Favorite battle?

The high dragon at Haven in DAO is pretty exciting.

7) Favorite race to play as?

Hm, let’s do a census:

Humans I have played: Ranna
Cousland, Silas Amell, Lisbet Trevelyan, Thayer Trevelyan, and the Hawke count
is now up to four

Elves I have played: Tarinnon
Mahariel, Tullien Tabris, Satine Lavellan, Emmen Lavellan

Dwarves I have played:
Horazia Aeducan

Qunari I have played:
eventually there will be an Adaar, haven’t gotten to that one yet!

So I guess if we discount the
Hawkes since you don’t get a choice there, it’s a tie between human and elf.
Horazia was tons of fun though, and I will play a Cadash next in Inquisition
before I even try an Adaar…

8) Did you make matching armor
for your companions in inquisition?

Sadly, it had not even occurred to me till this survey to try
this BUT NOW I MUST. Plaideweave squad here we come!

9) Most hated region?

DAO Deep Roads, because they go on forever and Branka is a mess
and Hespith is creepy.

10) Favorite game of the

DA2 is my enduring fave,
though I think I enjoyed DAO the most on first playthrough. But I can replay
DA2 much more happily than the others.



I spent a glorious afternoon staring lovingly at screencaps of Fenris.

It was an afternoon well spent ❤


fenris caps


Last month’s monthly request for @byunlenne with happy Hawke siblings ^_^ (Oh Carver, you know you love your sisters P )


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