For the OC Ask Meme: Numbers 1, 5, and 15 for Lisbet Hawke <3

Yay, thanks for asking!

I should warn that the more I write Lisbet, the more inconsistent I find her…I think actually she’s just changed very gradually over the course of fanfic from what she was like in the confines of the game. She was mostly a blue Hawke in game, but her sense of humor has been coming out more and more in the later stories I’ve written (can I blame that on the children? parenthood can have that effect, right?) and sometimes I’m not sure if I’ve started writing her horribly out of character or if she just has depths yet to explore. I hope the latter! I also hope I haven’t totally revised her character with these answers… 😀

  • 1:What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?

Before you get to know her, Lisbet Hawke seems
aloof, sometimes even cold. Come to know her better and you realize she’s
actually intensely compassionate (which is why she’s often found meddling and
trying to solve everyone’s problems) but she’s also quiet and guarded around
strangers (probably in part the habit of an apostate), and calculating, ever
the strategist. She’s not exactly shy, but she is more introverted than most
Hawkes – usually diplomatic and tactful, her “purple Hawke” side showing up
more in stressful situations when she is at her wit’s end or when she is around
friends, comfortable enough for bad jokes.

  • 5:What kind of transport does your character usually use?

Canon Lisbet walks everywhere; not many other
options at first (and after the trip from Ferelden to Kirkwall she’d prefer to
avoid ships, thankyouverymuch) but even after the Deep Roads when she can
afford more elaborate transportation, she’s just in the habet of walking

Now if it were a modern AU Lisbet (oh dear,
might that become a thing?) where transportation options were more varied, I
think she’d have a fondness for trains. Maybe that’s just because I’ve never
traveled by train myself but my mom used to talk about taking a train to visit
relatives and she made it sound like quite an adventure.

  • 15:What’s one thought, idea, goal, dream, or desire that your character is most ashamed of having?

In her lowest moments, Lisbet sometimes wishes
she’d not been born with magic. She’s a little paranoid about her powers and
their pitfalls. Objectively, she knows that her control is exceptional, her
skills are useful, a mage is who she is and she is content and will make
the most of it; but sometimes apostasy seems more trouble than it’s worth and
she daydreams of being quite mundane.

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