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Thank you @edwardfish for showing me this 😢💖

Okay reblog if you’re an artist who STRONGLY PREFERS reblogs with commentary




People are apparently under the impression that reblogging someone’s art and adding a comment is frowned upon and that can’t possibly be true, every artist I know of sees a reblog-comment as like the ultimate definitive reward for their hard work.

Obviously don’t feel bad for NOT adding a comment if you’re shy or just don’t know what to say, but if there’s something you would like to say about a drawing you’ve liked enough to reblog, I’m pretty sure most artists crave hearing it.

This applies to art, fic, dumb theories, whatever! I totally love reading tags and commentary!

Definitely re-emphasizing that ALL reblogs, likes, etc are awesome! So don’t feel bad/feel obligated to add something if you don’t want to, but don’t hold back if you DO wanna add something because you’re worried it’s rude.

i literary go through all the reblogs, because some of you guys(and ive already noticed few, and when i see the nick on my dash i go all like- uuu yess ❤ this person always writes somth nice and or funny!  ) leave the best tags and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!thank you!


Daisies for de-stressing 

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Chapter 3


Finding my Way Back to You

Wherein Solas gives some not so good advice, Anders learns the truth, and Hawke finds a job



New hobby idea: using phrases that sound like down-home folksy expressions you learned from your grandma but are actually just nonsense you just made up

– that man really salts my melon!

– you know what they say, it takes a bushel of corn to feed one chicken

– a louse will live on any head it lands on

– don’t put down a salt lick and say you ain’t got cows

– there’s a guy who eats half the berries and says the pie shell’s too big

– like digging a pond and hoping for ducks

– You can feed ‘em all the cottage cheese you want, but they won’t be cats

– It shouldn’t take more than two keys to open up the whole house

– That’s the kind of gal that’ll waste half the clothespins and then blame the dog

– Well, that’s just putting gasoline on a goldfish

– Take that to the movies!



These are more shots of Zevran but in cutscenes instead…



plant king


fenris caps


First official drawing from my new phone! Still getting used to the pressure and blending, but I’m really excited that this is even possible

Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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