For Lisbet! ✯, ♞, ♟!

Oh dear I had to think a bit for these! (Which is good, that’s the whole point, right? 😀 Thanks for asking!) 

✯ – religious beliefs

Lisbet is
Andrastian and just a tad more than nominally. It’s hard to be a regular at
Chantry services when your family boasts three apostates, you know? But she
finds comfort sometimes in the liturgy and the thought that maybe
a Maker exists, though she’s skeptical that he’s exactly what the Chant makes
him out to be.

♞ – a time they’ve felt powerful

Healing isn’t
her magical forte, but it was important to her to hone skills that were more
than destructive (while there are certainly productive and creative uses for
the ice magic that comes easiest to her, mostly she gets to put frost spells to
practice in combat and after a while it gets dreary, freezing people all the
time when they annoy you, even if they’re annoying you with pointy objects and
battle cries…). She practiced intently to be able to offer a helping hand more
effectively than just chilling a bruise. She felt so powerful the first time
her healing spells actually saved a person’s life – a farmhand hired to help
Malcolm with the harvest in whatever town they’d settled in for those years, a
boy on the cusp of being Hawke’s first crush. Until the accident with the plow
horse left his leg badly mangled and ribs cracked*, with Malcolm away from the
farm. Until Lisbet stretched her magic to its limit, keeping soul and body
together till every bone was knit back in place just right. It was fortunate
he’d been unconscious for the whole process, totally unaware of the magic
keeping him alive. After that she kept the friendly lad at arm’s length,
fearing to let slip what she had done if he should ever prove curious about how
he’d survived the accident, but at least he lived, and they didn’t
have to find a new hometown in a hurry because of her power. Overall, she
counted it a win.

♟ – a time they’ve
felt powerless

Hm so many
obvious moments in canon – e.g. every family member’s death, right? It’s tough
being a Hawke. But aside from those stories that every Hawke more or less
shares, let’s see…It was one of the occasions when the Hawke family had to
spontaneously relocate. Lisbet’s magic had manifested just months before. Being
cautious by nature and having taken to heart the lengths the family had always
had to go to in concealing Malcolm’s apostasy, Lisbet trained quietly with her
father, careful not to show any sign of her fledgling powers in public, but
ever more elated and excited at the things she was learning to do, and in her
growing control of her magic.  Then, entirely unrelated to Lisbet’s
powers, mere coincidence drove them scurrying from that town: someone Malcolm
had once known spotted and recognized him, and the family didn’t dare wait
around to see if he’d called the templars. Lisbet groused about how useless
magic must be if the two mages in their family couldn’t just put their
powers to use against one possible tattler. Her chorus of “it’s not fair”s
got her pulled up to ride by her father in the front of the wagon for a
heart-to-heart about choosing one’s battles, so in the end it wasn’t so bad,
feeling powerless. “The truest power we have is the power to choose the wisest
course,” her father’s words stuck with her throughout the years.

*pun on “crush” TOTALLY UNINTENDED I just realized on rereading this before posting that it could be read that way *smacks head* Sorry…


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