30 questions about your Dragon Age Protagonists


[Lately I’ve been thinking about how my Warden, Hawke and Inquisitor would act towards each other and ended up writing out an ask meme. Feel free to ask me these (just pls not all of them at once) or just reblog it idc. I’ve just never seen many questions asked on how the three protagonists would view each other. Or many compare/contrast type questions. I tried to keep these as general as possible]

  1. What would your Warden generally think of your Hawke and your inquisitor?
  2. What would your Hawke generally think of your warden and your Inquisitor? 
  3. What would your Inquisitor generally think of your warden and your Hawke?
  4. What would they think about each other’s love interests (if they romanced someone of course) 
  5. Is your inquisitor jealous that both the warden and Hawke have a mabari hound? 
  6. What would they think of each other’s combat skills/techniques?
  7. Are all your protagonists the same combat class? And what specializations did they take? 
  8. Would would your inquisitor and warden think of what happened in Kirkwall? Would they have supported Hawke’s decisions? 
  9. Would your warden or Hawke have actually accepted the role of inquisitor if Cassandra had located them as she’d planned to? Would they have been a good leader for the Inquisition? 
  10. Do your protagonists share the same opinions on the Chantry?
  11. Do your protagonists share the same opinions on mages rights? 
  12. Do your protagonists share the same opinions on blood magic? 
  13. Do your protagonists share the same opinions on The Game?
  14. If they’d been in each other’s places would they have made the same or different choices? And who would they have romanced, if anyone?
  15. Would your protagonists have the same character alignment?  
  16. Would your protagonists have the same Hogwarts house? 
  17. If Origins and Inquisition had the 3 personalities (Diplomatic, Sarcastic, Aggressive) which would your warden and inquisitor have predominately been? And what one did your Hawke have? 
  18. What is the biggest similarity between your protagonists?
  19. What is the biggest difference between your protagonists? 
  20. Who handles responsibility the best? And who handles it the worst? 
  21. Do they share any of the same hobbies? 
  22. Would you ever ship any of them together? 
  23. How old were each of your protagonists at the start of their respective games? Do you think their age affected the choices they made? Looking back would they have done any major action differently?
  24. How do each of your protagonists handle loss? 
  25. What is/was their relationship with their family like? 
  26. Do any of your protagonists marry and/or have children? 
  27. What would their fears on the graves in the fade during Here Lies The Abyss be? 
  28. What is their favourite location within their own game and what would be their favourite in each others?
  29. How do they each feel about the Deep Roads?
  30. Out of your Warden, Hawke, and Inquisitor, who is your favourite? 

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