A Class Act: Chapter Four


A high school teacher AU. 

Sorry about the delay on the chapter. The end of the school was a mess and left me much of a mess than I anticipated. So here’s the update!

Chapter Summary: 

Cullen and Mara have to work together at an assembly. Mara decides to confront Cullen about his behavior.

Also on AO3. 

Assemblies were not one of Cullen’s favorite aspects of being a teacher. He disliked that the schedule was disrupted because it meant that his students were confused all day and therefore more difficult to manage. Most of the assemblies were a bit of a waste of time and were a really good opportunity for the kids to skip class. But as the teacher, he couldn’t say any of that to the kids. So he acted as enthusiastic as he could and led his students into the auditorium to their assigned section, his students followed chatting and greeting other students.

“Here we are,” Cullen said standing off to the side, “These three rows are ours.”

“Hey Mr. R, what’s this assembly for?” one of his students, Josh, asked as they sank into the old orange upholstered seats.

Most of his students were playing on their smartphones, but a few looked up in anticipation of his answer, “It’s the beginning of the school year assembly.”

“Yeah, but the first week was last week,” Josh said looking skeptical.

Cullen smiled, “You’re right, but the first week is always so chaotic so they thought they’d do it today instead.”

The students murmured quietly while the auditorium slowly filled up. Cullen went through his roll, checking to see if any students had tried to sluff the assembly, and when he was finished he glanced around the auditorium to see who else was still needing to get in.

Mara was a few rows down and a section over leaning against the backs of a chair as she conversed animatedly with her students. She looked completely at ease in front of them, laughing and smiling as the kids spoke. He hadn’t had the chance to speak with here since that night at The Herald’s Rest. He’d inadvertently made a huge ass of himself. He managed to finally actually ask her a question and it had come off just wrong. He’d sounded rude and annoyed. He had attempted to backtrack a bit, but it hadn’t really worked. He wanted to apologize, or at the very least have a conversation with the woman that didn’t end in her walking away upset.

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