The Prince of Starkhaven?


I’m going to talk about a certain brother of the Chantry, the Prince of Starkhaven, Sebastian Vael: One of the most disliked and misrepresented Dragon Age companions across all three games. I’m going to talk about Sebastian because I love Sebastian, and I feel like there can never be too much love for him in the world. Never ever. 

The main question this post will be answering is ‘Why would Sebastian make a good prince?’ Obviously a nice person =/= a good ruler, right? So I’ve been looking through banters and conversations and chosen a few to pick apart.

[Disclaimer: Everything in this post is obviously based around my own opinions. If you dislike Sebastian already (and you’re not open to a new perspective), I wouldn’t recommend reading this. Some of my comments may also be considered Aveline-critical and Anders-critical. I’m posting a warning now before someone bites my head off. But don’t worry, this post isn’t about that.]

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