Sea Foam


for @loquaciousquark, who sent me a prompt a while ago for Fenris/Hawke and a kiss on the hand

There are times he thinks of the sea.

Endless waves invade Danarius’ mansion, throwing themselves against the unyielding walls.

Ostentatious furniture becomes driftwood. Residue of spilled blood and magic scrubbed away. Freezing water curls around his legs, trying to pull him under. He stands as immovable as a mountain, chained to the ground. Sea foam caresses his neck, his lips. Salt fills his senses.

The tide is relentless, inevitable. He stands naked and watches the ocean corrode the lyrium on his body.

He’s left smooth and cold as stone in an empty mansion as the water retreats.

He is free.

He hopes and he fears the water will return until the pieces of everything he is break apart and dissolve into sand.

The sun has just disappeared, though it is a reluctant parting and the dying light casts everything in a rusty gleam. The heat stays, lingering in the air, clinging to the stones underneath his feet. He feels it, even in Hightown where it’s always colder.

He lingers, too.

A drop of sweat runs down Hawke’s face and his eyes follow its path along her cheek, her neck, until it disappears beyond her shirt. He wants to lean in and breathe out against the wet line to raise goosebumps on her skin, reenacting something that might have happened once. A memory, a dream. He doesn’t know. He never knows.

His fingers hurt these days, bursting at the seams with longing.

“Fenris.” The skin around her eyes crinkles as one corner of her mouth curves upwards. “You can come in, if you want.”

He has long accepted that he won’t stop wanting.

Elation and remorse entwine around his chest.

Her finger brushes against the red cloth around his wrist.

He wants…

His hand closes around hers and he lifts it to his face. His eyes on hers as he presses his lips to the inside of her hand. The taste of sea foam.

“Good night, Hawke.”

She lets out a shivering breath as he lets go of her hand and then laughs as she disappears inside her home.


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