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Busy Weekend

It has been a busy and fun weekend in game! Saturday’s highlight was the Summer 2011 Blogmoot, at which we had a dozen or so bloggers gather to chat about our craft – including some newly begun bloggers (Hi Locney!) and at least one who attended in hopes of starting one up soon. Our main topic of discussion was the splintering of the LOTRO blogger community that resulted from the troubles with My.LOTRO after the release of the beta community sites in September. So many bloggers have departed to wordpress or other platforms and it is hard to maintain an audience the way we could when My.LOTRO was so vibrant with activity. We considered that when My Middle Earth launches its 2nd beta with wordpress platform, it might be a good place to re-form the LOTRO blogging community. We will hope it works out! In the meantime, I’m going to be compiling a web page listing LOTRO blogs from My.LOTRO as well as other sources in an effort to publicize the writers who are in need of audience. So leave a comment if you have a blog, or know of one, that should be included on the list!

The weekend fun continued with Book Club today. We’ve just begun reading The Silmarillion and today we had a great discussion on the “Valaquenta” chapter! It was delightful to hear the Three-Word Epithets folks came up with for each of the Valar, and to hypothesize which Vala would be each person’s patron if we were elves in Middle-earth.

Last thing tonight was a special Old Winyards gig. We play at Ales and Tales every Monday and did some performing or Weatherstock too, and it seems our fame has spread, for we were asked to play at the wedding of Lifebringer and Pengurion! We put together a wedding playlist (including me converting midis to abc for the bridal chorus, wedding march, and some other songs) and some matching outfits and had a blast playing for the ceremony as well as the reception afterwards. Hurrah for the creativity that LOTRO’s music system inspires!

Blogmoot returns to Nimrodel for Summer 2011!

Well, Weatherstock is over and it was a huge success…now what to do? Hm…how about…BLOGMOOT!

Yes, it is again time for bloggers to gather for one of our delightful Moots, and this time it will be hosted by Linett’s kinswoman, Tuiliel of Nimrodel! See the details on the forum thread:!

Date: July 2
Time: 4pm Eastern
Place: Home of Tuiliel on the Nimrodel server, 7 Haven Way, Iavasant, in Falathlorn

Many thanks, Tui, for adjusting the date so Linett can attend. 🙂 I have so been looking forward to this! Er…I should probably pick up the blogging pace so I have a blog to talk about, shouldn’t I? But…hm…sudden urge to go create celebratory Summer Blogmoot promotional graphics…

Weatherstock is coming up!

Hello blog. Long time no see.

Right, now on to the news: Weatherstock returns this Saturday! The biggest show in Middle-earth! Nine bands competing for the crowd’s approval!

But there’s more…

Fortunately for those who can’t attend the big show on the 18th…or those who wish they could hear MORE than a 20 minute slot from their favorite bands…This week also features the Weatherstock Concert Series! Read all about it on the Lorebook:

The Green Hill Music Society will play at their usual time on Tuesday.

Thursday features the Hobbiton Philharmonic and the Eriador Music Society.

On Friday, Old Winyards will play for the first annual WEATHERSTOCK DANCE CONTEST! And to top it all off, the evening will end with the Ingolemo Experience from Mar Vanwa Tyalieva.

So, warm up your dancing shoes for the dance contest, and come out to the concerts for a fine preview of some of the bands who’ll be battling it out at Weatherstock on Saturday!

Weatherstock 2011

A Day at the Races

This weekend features Landroval’s first Spring Racing Carnival. On Friday, qualifier races were held in Gondamon, Duillond, and Michel Delving. The winners (top three places) of each of those races will race again today for the prestigious Bree Cup and a prize of 100 gold! It will be a grand festival, with music, fashion, betting, everything that goes along with the idea of a “Day at the Races.” Friday was just a warm-up for the main event, so let’s have a look at how that warm-up went, shall we?

At the starting line for the Mithril Cup in Gondamon:

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Ales and Tales at Tham Gelair

Locney and I are becoming quite attached to our role as Ales and Tales co-hosts, filling in for Harperella again this week up at Tham Gelair, home to an astonishing number of wolves and rats. Of course – Harperella’s return next week just means we can return to playing in Old Winyards as usual! Win-win, yes? Still, it’s been fun running things for a while!

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Ales and Tales on Two Tree Hill

It doesn’t have a name, really. It’s just a nice tall hill in the Green Hill Country (so, ipso facto, one of many such hills). But we started calling it Two Tree Hill when we held Ales and Tales there last night. It does get tedious to repeatedly explain “You go south out of Frogmorton, through the apple orchard across the road, and then up the hill till you find the spot with two trees standing alone. That’s the stage.” In other words – one of our more rugged and obscure Ales and Tales locations, but as beautiful as only the Shire can be!

And as you can see from that picture, with Harperella on vacation, Locney and Lennidhren acted as hosts again. This is fun!
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Belated Ales and Tales Pictures

For the two weeks whose writeups I missed, here are the photo albums:

March 21 at the Nos Morel kinhouse

March 14 at The Oak and Elm

Perhaps I will yet get the writeups done, but don’t count on it…

Also. Is it just April Fools’ Day hallucination, or is the My.LOTRO global feed working again?! I see a new post there today!

Ales and Tales at the Fairgrounds

I’m behind on my Ales and Tales reports again! So here is this week’s, and then we will see about the weeks I missed…

Harperella is on vacation, so Locney and Lennidhren are hosting in her absence for a few weeks. Yesterday we gathered at the Bree Fairgrounds.

But is the presence of a dance instructor so near the party an advantage – or a hindrance? More on that from Melanie, later in the program!

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Ales and Tales Returns to Gondamon

I liked this week’s corner of Gondamon much better than the last time we held Ales and Tales here, though! (Then, it was on the steps in the main courtyard. Steps are tricky for screenshots.)

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Ales and Tales with Mar Vanwa Tyalieva

This is LAST week’s Ales and Tales. Yes, it took me a whole week to get the writeup done. I was so tired every night last week…anyway, I can’t let this one go unwritten-up! Not when it combines MVT and Dharius’ first gig as an A&T host! Harperella was unable to attend so Dharius acted as MC, and I helped out as stage manager. Which was possible because of the fact that Old Winyards got to take a break and let Mar Vanwa Tyalieva play as the house band at their kinhouse!

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Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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