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Advice for New Bloggers – Forum thread

Lunna’s had a great idea to start a thread on the forums for posting tips, tutorials, advice etc. for new bloggers. At the Blogmoot we talked about developing a My.LOTRO tutorial/help pages, perhaps on the lorebook, to make it easier for people to get started posting here since the interface has quite a learning curve. However, editing the lorebook has a learning curve too, and few of us have a clue where to begin! So we can post the info on the forum thread, and then it can be compiled into lorebook entries more easily.

Advice for new bloggers – The Lord of the Rings Online™ Forums.

So please, experienced bloggers (no matter how experienced. Hey, if you’ve succeeded in making a post, you’re experienced enough to tell someone else how to do that, right?), stop by the thread and contribute any helpful tips or step by step procedures you can think of!


This Compendium of Emotes on the Lorebook ought to come in handy for Ales & Tales and other RP purposes!

Reminds me of when I first discovered the list of emotes in the chat line menu. Linett, who must’ve been at or nearly at the level cap of 50 at that time, went and found a quiet spot on one of the islands in Nen Harn to practice them all and see what they did. That was back before there were bounty quests in Nen Harn to bring some traffic over there to kill the turtles, so it was truly a nice, quiet island. Her lynx pet, Maenad, got targeted with a lot of emotes that day just so I could see the difference between the text shown when you emote with someone targeted and when you don’t have a target selected.

So, anyone have any good stories of when you discovered the emote functions in LOTRO? :-)

Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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