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The Acknowledged!AU


As a self-avowed connoisseuse (read: junkie) of the
Alistair/Warden ship tag on AO3, I thought I’d talk a little about a distinct subcategory
of Alistair fan fiction that I find really fascinating because, so far as I can
tell, a number of people have decided to explore the same premise independently of
one another.  It’s what I call, for lack
of a better term, the Acknowledged!AU.

There are almost as many variations on the premise as there
are fics that explore it, so I’m going to go with a definition that’s a little
on the broad side: an Acknowledged!AU is one in which Alistair is an
acknowledged member of the royal family before
the Fifth Blight starts
(this includes Blightless AUs, since the Blight
never starts in one of those).  He can be
acknowledged from birth, rescued before he gets sent off to the templars, or
hastily removed from them because Cailan happened to die off early.  I think I’ve seen one where he’s still a
templar, but none where he’s a Grey Warden at the start of the story.

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alistair tarot card for @chipotanakni


A recent commission for keeeruh. It was too cute not to post.


you know what i love/hate about alistair?

how devoted he is

despite all the shit he’s been through and how he’s been treated, he doesn’t harbour any hatred to those responsible for it; in fact, he still admires and respects them (save for loghain).

take connor’s situation for example: if isolde is sacrificed, he is PISSED at you, even if the woman hated him and wanted him out of her life as soon as possible, which made his life miserable. the ONLY time he shows ANY resentment is if you kill connor, to which he says you should have sacrificed her instead because it was her fault, nothing more.

he hates what he’s been put through because of who he is, not the people that put him through it.

he will go through the one thing he’s always hated and never wanted for the sake of his country and for duty, and live with it for the rest of his life, even if it made it a miserable one.

and then there’s the grey wardens: even if they screw up big time, even if they have to do some dark things, even if everything they are is all going wrong, he will not HESITATE to sacrifice himself for them if it means they get even the smallest of a chance to redeem themselves, now matter what he’s leaving behind.

and let’s not forget how he would die for you without a second thought if you earned his heart.

if that isn’t devotion at its best, i don’t know what is.


To clarify, stinky cheese is good, stankin’ cheese is not so good.


King Alistair

Some Alistair headcanons:




  • He never had a surname in his childhood. (Often in medieval times, surnames were only for those of higher rank, and aliases were more common then than now. Seeing as he didn’t have a profession or an acknowledged parent, I find it unlikely he’d have one.) He went by “Guerrin” when one was absolutely necessary, because it was easier. This did not help Isolde’s complexes. If he’s a Warden, he still is very pointed about “we give up surnames” and doesn’t go by Theirin.
  • A voracious reader when he gets the time (so, less in the middle of a Blight), with a very active imagination. This was part of what got him in trouble in the Chantry, but it also helped stave off boredom. Was constantly getting lost in his own head as a child and teenager, and still has tendencies of it now, hence the rambling.
  • Makes a point of keeping his hair short and eschews beards to prevent awkward questions. He only grows it out if he becomes king, partly because the resemblance is politically useful and helps him trade on Maric’s reputation.
  • Immensely disciplined, no matter what he pretends. Keeps his armour, sword and shield in good condition and trains regularly. He’d get antsy sitting about, anyway – he’s made to be a hard worker, it’s just how he is. Still an early riser due to Chantry training, and tends to feel guilty about lie-ins.
  • Strong, but does his best not to be intimidating, hence a lot of the awkward humour. Tries to keep himself approachable and unobtrusive. I doubt he realises how scary he can actually be; he tends to underestimate his own strength and ability.
  • Well-read, with a fondness for history, even if he can be a bit naive at times (this is going off parts of his banter, particularly in the Temple of Sacred Ashes).
  • A strong swimmer; he would have been an energetic kid who grew up near a lake. Probably a tree-climber as well, and the type of kid who was constantly returning home with miscellaneous mysterious injuries.
  • Wears the Warden’s Oath pretty much constantly, due to his pride in being a Warden and the debt he feels he owes Duncan.

Yes!  I love these!  I love that he tries his best not to be intimidating (the better to lure in pretty mages that fall in love with him, right?).  Also, I’m so very enamored with the idea of young Alistair out climbing trees and swimming in lakes.  Oh.. oh! Dragon Age Summer Camp AU please!

Oh yes. Oghren would completely be that guy that goes “Cannonball!” and dives. And everyone would scatter with a look of dread.


so @beammetothemoon said something about Alibabies and I don’t know what sleep is so… (also on ao3)

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A friend let me use a photo of her husband with their baby as a reference for this picture (because her husband is a perfect nasal match for our dear ferelden bastard king/warden). This was done over the course of 5 or 6 hours, and while I am not completely happy with it, I do like his face.
I apologize for the crappy picture, but I have yet to master scanning pencil-shaded drawings.
So, anyway this is King Alistair sleeping with one of the twins (yes, my Cousland finds a cure and manages to have twin boys with Alistair.. Shush. I like fluffy endings)


Grey Warden Alistair.

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