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Linett’s New Career

Dilemma: My Landroval LM, Lennidhren, has long now surpassed my original LM on Nimrodel, Linett, as my main. The Lonely Mountain Band has kept me so active on Landroval that I have sadly neglected Linett, who now languishes at 65 on Nimrodel.

Recently, Locney was looking for a surname for his minstrel Thyn on Landroval. When Loc mentioned that he’s a man of Bree – Linett’s hometown – I suggested Redfern as a fine Breelander surname, and so Thyn became Linett’s ne’er-do-well cousin. But with Thyn on one server and Linett on another, family reunions would be tricky. I thought about just transferring Linett to Landroval, since I never play her on Nimrodel now. But it’s pricey…and I’m not crazy about having two of the same class on the same server. I have a feeling that transferring my 65 LM to Landroval would mean she’d still never see playtime. And my alts on Nimrodel would lose access to Linett’s lovely home in Falathlorn…though of course that may not matter much, what with the “not seeing playtime” thing.

Solution: It’s time for Linett’s career to take a new direction. On Landroval I have one of every class save Captain and Guardian: Apparently I am not so into the heavy armour, hm? Well, make that every class save Guardian. After all these years working as a researcher in the Scholar’s Enclave of Duillond (that’s where she met Lennidhren, by the way), Linett has become a Captain. What she’s a captain *of* is yet to be discovered, but she seems to be enjoying getting away from the library enough to indulge in a whole lot of shouting. Meanwhile, if she does get the urge to head back to the books…her job on Nimrodel remains that of a lore-master. While this re-roll may have been inspired by Locney, it is not so to the extent of deleting a high level character to make way for the new class. 🙂

So Linett has gone from this:

Nimrodel Lore-master

To this:

Landroval Captain

I’m not entirely sure I got the right head-shape on the new character, but other than that I think she came out looking like the same person. 🙂

Linett’s Yearbook: 2009

Archives are a wonderful thing, and blog archives are especially nifty. There’s a meme that goes around the blogosphere every December, in which one revisits one’s own archives, copies the title or first sentence of the first post of each month, and turns that into a summary of the year just gone by. So I thought, why not do the same for My LOTRO? I may deviate a bit from the first post of the month rule, as my goal is just to see how far Linett (and company) have come in twelve months (well, a baker’s dozen, since I missed my blogiversary – Linett’s first post was in December 2008 so I’m going to include that in this review).

By the way, I don’t intend to tag anyone meme-style or anything, but if this idea catches your fancy and you post (or have posted) a similar review of your LOTRO year, please comment below – I’d love to come read your reviews too!

So, what all has happened to my characters in the past year of LOTRO?

Continue reading ‘Linett’s Yearbook: 2009′

Of Hobbits and Classical Poets

This may be the oddest reason I’ve found yet for starting [yet another] alt; but I blame it on my professor.

I just finished a 2-week graduate seminar course on Catullus, one of many in my pursuit of the degree of “Master of Latin”, yay! (Seriously, can I call myself a Lore-Master in real life once I finish this degree?) The professor, who shall herein remain anonymous, is an expert on Horace – and the first seminar I had with him was on Roman Satire, Horace & Juvenal mostly. So amidst the discussions of Catullus were many, many references to Horace – not undeservedly; Catullus predates Horace a bit and was influential to the later poets.

So I was quite used to hearing about Horace every day, but when the professor referred to an anecdote in Suetonius’ Lives of the Poets reading as follows:

In person, Horace was short and fat, as he is described by himself in his Satires,3 and by Augustus in the following letter: “Dionysius has brought me your small volume, which, little as it is, not to blame you for that, I shall judge favourably. You seem to me, however, to be afraid lest your volumes should be bigger than yourself. But if you are short in stature, you are corpulent enough. You may, therefore, if you will, write in a quart, when the size of your volume is as large round as your paunch.”

My first thought was that Horace was a Hobbit. Short and fat. :-) My second thought was that I ought to roll a Hobbit alt, as fat as can be, and name him Horace! Yes, class was especially inspiring this year!

So when I got home from class I went to play with character creation screens, instead of translating Catullus as I probably should’ve been doing. Horatius Flaccus was a Roman poet, so of course my hobbit ought to be a minstrel, right? Being somewhat more comfortable playing characters of my own gender, though, I made Horace a girl. Horatia, which would be the usual feminine form of the poet’s Latin name, was taken so my version is Horazia, a Hobbit minstrel:


But Hobbit females just don’t have quite the “short and fat” options that males do, so I went and rolled a Horazio too, making this one a warden, which is totally unrelated to the Latin poet, although Horatius Flaccus did fight on the side of Brutus against Octavius….which probably did Octavius more good than Brutus, for Horace wasn’t much of a soldier.


Now that’s Horace. :-)

I figure Horazio and Horazia are brother and sister. Be warned if you see them, you may be subjected to poetry recitations! But not long epic ones, as if I had rolled an elf called Vergilio: Like their namesake, in the Alexandrian tradition, they will endeavor to keep their works short (concise) and fat (stuffed full of meaning).

Multiple Personality Syndrome

I’ve been on Spring Break the past week (where I teach – not where I take graduate courses – so it’s been a semi-break, because I still had homework to do for my online Vergil class…but nice having a week off from teaching). With all that free time on my hands, I took the opportunity to dust off the alts that I hadn’t played for a while. The recent changes in XP required for each level were an incentive too, especially after seeing that first alt jump a couple of levels on her first kill! So I’ve played all my characters a bit this week and all of them have gained some levels – beyond that first jump, even. I’m surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed trying them out again and going back to revisit some of the lower level quests, as well as trying out other crafting professions. At this point, Vanita, level 22, is still my highest alt, but Alduine and Arethryth are catching up at 21 and 20. Alduine is working on the Scholar profession and needs to finish the quest for journeyman mastery, which is set at level 25, up in the North Downs…so she’s going to go explore the Trestlebridge area a bit now. Vanita is working on her journeyman quest for the Jeweller, too. Meanwhile Trumpkin, Pellandir, and Mireleth have all reached level 12 but may not go much farther for a while…I think I’ll focus on the girls in their 20’s first. Linett, at the level 60 cap, has reached friend status with the Galadhrim and is exploring Caras Galadhon, which makes her (and me) dizzy with all those baroque-style stairs around tree trunks. (Seriously, they’re baroque. They look just like some stairs I’ve walked up and down at the Villa Borghese in Rome. I should post pictures, if I have any from Italy trips that show those stairs! Not that I would have pictures of stairs in the Villa Borghese, since you can’t take pictures ANYWHERE in there.)

So, absent any decent stair pictures, perhaps I shall have the level 20’s girls write up some posts about their adventures in a while. Perhaps!

Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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