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chibi commission done by @fenris-sexual, look at the awesomeness

Alyx Trevelyan belongs to @broodywolf, Iris Trevelyan belongs to me, and Emma Trevelyan belongs to @emma-reblogs-shit. Our girls in the modern world, taking on anything that comes their way with a smile and raised pinky.



My dearest Alyx,

I want to start off by saying that you really
are my favorite. You probably always will be. That said, it does tend to
bring a lot of shit down on you, so…

From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.

sorry that I gave you a traumatic backstory, and decided that you
should have a shitty relationship with your parents (for no good reason
at the time, really). I’m sorry I couldn’t even be bothered to write you
a replacement parental figure, until @emma-trevelyan​ swooped in with your lovely Uncle Leopold.

I’m sorry that in your canon universe I separated you from the first love of your life, letting you think she was dead.

really, REALLY sorry that in the megafic verse I saw fit to have you
transferred to the Gallows. I really don’t have words for how sorry I
am. Jeez. I am a horrible person. I’m sorry for a lot of things
that have happened in that fic, honestly (making you have a massive
fight with Emma in the middle of the main hall comes to mind). (Oh and
also making you an alcoholic, sorry about that too).

I’m sorry
that I have now given even the relatively happy modern AU version of
you a shitty backstory. And had you get separated from Grier. Again.

and I’m sorry for making you watch your husband get shot in front of
you and then dumping you in the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland.

OH and I’m also sorry for taking your arm away in your canon universe. Almost forgot about that one. I’m the worst.

I’m sorry for all of the other things I’ve forgotten to apologize for.
I’m certain there are lots; I really have dumped a load of shit on you,
haven’t I?

In light of all that, here is my promise to you:

It will be okay.

have the strength to get through all of the shitty, shitty situations I
put you in. And when you do, I promise there is a light at the end of
the tunnel.

I also promise to give you a dog. I suppose a
couple of versions of you already have a dog, but those that don’t?
THEY’RE GETTING DOGS. Maybe a mabari for megafic-you. Just to annoy
Anders whenever he comes back, yeah?

I promise you lots of spice
cookies! They’re still your favorite, right? I know it’s not much in
light of what I’ve done, but a plate of cookies never hurt, did it?

most of all, I promise that you will always find love. Whether it’s
with Cullen or with Grier or with Piper and Cait or someone else
entirely, you will find someone who loves every bit of you and who will
stand at your side through all the trials I put you through.

Don’t lose hope.




Sooooo no pressure to my @daficswap buddy, @broodywolf, but I had some time, loved the Trevelyan I got to work with, and was too excited to wait on it.

Here is @broodywolf ‘s kick-ass, sarcastic, knife-wielding, hold-her-own, Cullen-mancing mage Inquisitor, Alyx Trevelyan!


I was tagged by @rannadylin
for the list your 5 favorite fics and/or artworks you’ve done thing.
Since I do a decent amount of both I’m gonna do my five favorites for
fic and for art.

Art first:

1. THE CAPTAIN HAWKE CROSSOVER. Still so damn proud of this one.

2. “The way he looks at Hawke”

3. Fenhawke chibs. How can I not love them?

4. Alyx! From a palette meme ages ago, but I still love this one.

5. And another Fenris! I’m proud of this one because I did it with no reference and in the dark basically because the power was out.

And fics:

1. Figure It Out As We Go. It’s not perfect, but it’s my main long (ish) fic and I’m proud of it.

2. Promises. I love Skyhold reunion scenes.

3. It’s Just A Name (It’s So Much More). Not one of my most popular, but I was really pleased with it, and it’s a pivotal moment for Cullen and Alyx.    

4. Ruffles and Feathers and Silk, Oh My!
still makes me giggle. 

5. I’ll be here when you wake aka remember that time I took a potentially angsty prompt and actually made it fluffy?

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