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Hey Bioware, can I get an Ameridan and crew book/comic please? Pleeeeeeease?


“Andaran atish’an.”

There’s such subtle nuance in the way Thalon tilts his head. He knows somehow without having to ask that the man before him is Inquisitor Ameridan, and he knows this man deserves his respect. More than that, Ameridan is an elven mage, Thalon’s elder, someone he would have called hahren if they had lived in the same time. Yet even as he bows his head, Thalon maintains eye contact – they are two equals before one another.

Ameridan returns his greeting with the same unquestioning respect, knowing that no matter how Thalon came to hold the title Inquisitor, he bears a weighty burden on his shoulders. He greets Thalon in Elvhen as one of the People without hesitation, as a brother, and there’s a light in his eyes that says he’s comforted to see that one of the elvhen has carried forward his legacy.

Finally, there’s Solas in the background, watching Thalon, as if observing the way the Inquisitor interacts with this elf from another age. I wonder what Solas might be thinking here – about Thalon and the heritage he bears of his ancestors, about Ameridan and the lost legacy of Andraste among the elves, about the hundreds of years of elven history that he has missed during his long slumber.

Three generations of elven men stand before each other – the elf of Arlathan, the elf of Halamshiral, and the elf of the Dalish clans. There’s such damn powerful symmetry in that…and gods, it makes me ache.


Today’s warm up before commissions. I want a spin off or an official comic or whetever for Ameridan and his companions



Sketching Ameridan and Telana feels again. Telana’s face is not canon, because we don’t actually see her in game (or have her description anywhere… I think?)

lies on the floor


I just needed a legitimate reason to draw Ameridan.


“I wasn’t Inquisitor by choice. Whatever my life was before…”


that’s it

that’s the dragon age series

a gang of nerds follow you around thedas and they bicker like children and you love them to bits because they’re nerds but they’re your nerds

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