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Another experiment~
I wanted to use white pencil on a dark paper and I thought that drawing Fenris like this would be a good idea 🙂
And so here it is 🙂 winter Fenris ❤ I had a lot of fun drawing him 🙂
I hope you’ll like it 🙂 


Now that’s true love.




The Little Wolf

Second of my T-shirt designs for school. I’m seriously thinking about making a whole series of Dragon Age T-shirt designs and maybe even sell them… idk

After exam session, though.


Merrill, Keeper of Kirkwall

So I’m not completely proud of this, but I am very proud of it. Isn’t that just how it goes though?

And here’s an accompanying playlist: Daisy *zooms away*



I don’t kno where I was going with this.

Metis and Mara if never separated

Putting this behind a cut because spoilers…

Found this picture in a Bioware Forums thread; having difficulty finding its actual source (forum post makes it sound like maybe they mean @askbroodyelf​ but I don’t see the original picture there? Crediting thusly just in case!)

Anyway here’s the thing that made me squee when I saw it: It’s exactly how I’d imagined Metis and Mara to look. And because the picture itself would be a huge spoiler as to who Metis and Mara are, if you haven’t read through chapter 10 of Warriors Such As, here is the cut! (If you have read through Chapter 10, it’s a delightful picture and goes so well with some reminiscences of Metis’ that I’m currently writing for Chapter 16…)


So the spoiler: that’s wee Leto and Varania with their parents. I had just started to describe Mara when Metis is reminiscing in Chapter 16 and went Googling for Varania pictures because I figure Mara was the source of Varania’s delicate features and also I wanted to see how similar Varania’s eye color is to her brother and etc etc…And this popped up in the results and it’s just perfect. Exactly how I envision Mara, and a younger Metis minus the grey hair and spectacles. If only the raiders hadn’t separated them before Leto was born, or if Metis had found them before Mara died…sadly, in my story this happy family portrait could never have been. 😦

Source again: is the only place I can find it in a Google reverse image search, alas…


I draw him again :3



Dear @brenna-ivy

I wish you a happy birthday, with lots of joy, great food, presents and that you spend a day of happiness with people you love 😀

For your party I could convince Fenris to dig out his guitar and play you a little birthday song 😛 
I hope you enjoy this little present 😉

Ahhhhh this is so cool!! X3
The lyrium guitar is so frickin awesome!
Thank you thank you thank you ♡♡♡♡♡

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