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Yet Another OC Ask Meme

1: What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?
2: What’s your character’s aesthetic (things associated with your character)?
3: What outfit or style of clothing is your character most often seen wearing?
4: What would your character wear to a formal gathering such as a dance, a wedding, or a funeral?
5: What kind of transport does your character usually use?
6: What kind of media would (or does) your character consume? This includes books, tv shows, video games, and movies.
7: What would be an average shopping list for your character?
8: If your character attended school, did they have a favourite or best subject?
9: Does your character have a dream job or life path for themselves?
10: Does your character have a particular way of talking or acting?
11: Does your character have any tattoos, piercings, mechanical parts, or other body modifications? What’s the story behind them?
12: Does your character have any addictions, allergies, diseases, illnesses, disorders, or disabilities? How does this affect their life?
13: What’s your character’s preferred method of self-care?
14: When does your character feel truly at peace?
15: What’s one thought, idea, goal, dream, or desire that your character is most ashamed of having?
16: What’s one memory that your character will always be fond of?
17: How does alcohol affect your character?
18: Does your character have any (real or fictional) famous relatives, ancestors, or descendants?
19: What words would your character use to define themself?
20: Describe any AUs you have for your character/s.


Since I’m curious and the “audience participation” meme invited questions: How did you come up with the character of Metis? Did you know you wanted Fenris to run into his father from the start of your series, or did the character develop in some other way?

Oh yeah, it all started with a crazy plan to find Fenris’ father! Probably because that’s the one family member we never hear about in canon, so I guess I was curious and decided to answer my own questions. 🙂 Actually, at first I had planned that storyline separate from the red lyrium warriors, so part 4 was going to involve Fenris wanting to find out who his father was and thinking he might get Dorian to help track him down, then talking himself out of it and not even asking, but then Hawke would ask him for help anyway and Dorian would write letters and…honestly it was not much of a plot, was it? And then I realized the vague “Venatori are making warriors with Fenris-style markings but with red lyrium” plot could be combined with the father-searching and that was the seed that grew into Warriors Such As.

So then I was brainstorming for what sort of a person Fenris’ father could be, and all I really knew was I wanted him to be a mage (because Varania, and also irony), and he had to be an elf given Dragon Age’s version of half-elves being human to all appearances, so Fenris couldn’t have been fathered by a human; and there was a long list of rejected names and dithering over whether he had been a fellow slave or (because mage) a laetan (or even altus, if elves can be) and whether he’d willingly abandoned Fenris’ mother and the kids or whether Fenris and Varania even had the same father…

Honestly there were so many ways that could have gone wrong. I’m rather glad he turned out as he did. A lot of his character is meant to be a foil to Fenris, really; gentle where Fenris is brash; cheerful where Fenris is broody; but also his response to, and way of dealing with, the trauma he’s endured is meant for a contrast. (Yet another reason why I think I’m going to have to write out his and Mara’s backstory in more detail now…)

Audience participation meme here, if you want to ask me things!

2,3,15, and 20 for Metis please? :D

2.    What would be your OCs favourite section in a
bookstore? Why?

When he’s not
out on [usually life-or-death] errands for Maevaris, Metis is a researcher at
the Minrathous Circle; prior to Warriors
Such As
he was mainly involved in
seeking answers about red lyrium. So he’s inquisitive, intelligent, and loves
every little bit of lore and trivia he can dig up. In other words, he’d
probably head for the encyclopedias, or the nonfiction at least, especially
anything to do with magical research (or in a modern library, science I
suppose? Maybe technology?)

3.    What motivates your OC to fulfill their role/do
their job?

A combination of
loyalty and survival, as well as a work ethic engrained from his youth. He was
raised helping out on the family farm in Seheron, and when he showed aptitude
for tending the fruit trees his father let him start expanding that corner of
the farm into an orchard when he was no more than ten years old. They weren’t
wealthy; those trees (and the rest of the chores) were a hobby but also part of
keeping the family independent, and he learned to work hard whether the task
was fun or merely tedious. Those lessons carried over into his young married
life, eager to prove he could provide for a wife accustomed to finer things
(Mara’s father was one of the wealthiest merchants in town and Metis, for all
his life, remained a bit incredulous that she had chosen him
even though it meant she’d had to start taking in clothes to be mended or
altered to supplement their income). But the orchard was always a labor of
love, both in supporting his loved ones and in how much he loved being among
green and growing things.

Then after the
raiders came and tore that life apart, survival instincts kicked in for Metis
in slavery. His well established work ethic certainly helped – no matter how
tedious the job, just get it done – but more important now was staying beneath
notice. Do the job well enough to not draw the master’s disapproval, but not too
well so as to draw his curiosity. Nevertheless, when he ended up assigned to
tending the estate’s gardens, he couldn’t help but do that job just a little too well, finding solace in the well-ordered plants that
he had sorely missed since leaving Seheron. That was how his magic – expressing
itself quietly for many years now in his uncanny green thumb – came to
Licinius’ notice, bringing the importance of survival back into play.

Then came the
Qunari attack and the fraught moment when he chose to delay his own flight to safety
to call roots to bind a pair of the invaders so a girl in a blue dress could
fight them off with her magic. It was the catalyst for the greatest change to
his life since the slavers had caught him; saving Maevaris Tilani’s life led to
his manumission, his Circle training, and eventually reuniting with the son he
hadn’t yet even learned he had. Maevaris became his patron, the source of his
autonomy and a new sense of purpose, as she found him to be a useful agent in her
various agendas. Grateful for her patronage and finding her causes to be well
worth his efforts, Metis fulfills his role as Mae’s agent now from a sense of
loyalty and pride in his work.

15. What does ‘home’
mean to your OC?

After Warriors
it’s pretty much wherever his family is. That was the case before the slavers’
raid separated him from his family, too. In between, home was the garden.
Uprooted from Seheron and thrown into the fight for survival of a magister’s
estate, the plants were the only thing familiar enough to remind him of the
home he never expected to see again.

20. What is your OC
most dedicated to-their cause, their loved ones, themselves?

Two things
really: His loved ones, of course; I mean Chapter 15 pretty much established how far he’ll go to
protect Fenris, and he’ll forever have the markings to prove it. But
also…well, let’s call it his moral compass. His philosophy is along the lines
of “What’s the Next Right Choice?” and, while he’s rubbish at making little
inconsequential decisions like what to have for dinner, moral decisions (like
whether to run for his life from the Qunari attack or whether to stop and help
that girl in the blue dress…) are another matter entirely. He was raised Andrastian,
or whatever form of it elves in Seheron descended from ex-slaves might have
practiced, so there’s probably some Chant of Light behind this, but also just a
sense of compassion and helpfulness.

Thanks for asking!

OC Crowd-sourced Questions here!

10, 12, 14, 16, for Metis, please and thank you! :D

Yay, thank you for asking!

10. What are your characters

There’s a certain degree of…absent-mindedness; not so much
forgetfulness, but getting lost in thought and neglecting something he was
supposed to do. He’s always misplacing things (at the Circle he had spare
staves on hand because he so often mislaid his staff, and there’s probably a
spare pair or two of spectacles for the same reason). Also he is not good at
making up his mind in most situations, unless the decision is truly urgent,
like emergency-level. Ask him where he wants to go for dinner and you will probably
get a blank stare.

12. Is your OC
comfortable in a position of power, or would they prefer to be the one
following orders?

Heavens no.
Metis in power would be extraordinarily uncomfortable. He’d worry far too much
about the impact any of his decisions could have on those under his influence,
and as covered in #10, he’s terrible at decision-making anyway unless the
effects of the decision are immediate. Plus he’s always avoided the spotlight.
A position of autonomy, however, suits him very well, which is why he
has so often served Maevaris as an agent working alone.

14. What sort of
recreational activities does your OC engage in?

Besides the
gardening? (Which totally doesn’t count anyway when it was his profession at
one point, I suppose.) He enjoys games of skill more than chance, so he’ll
relish teaching Malcolm to play chess and whatever other Thedas equivalents
there may be (also, wee Malcolm turns out to be ruthlessly competitive at any and all games, but Metis has a competitive
streak of his own, for all his meekness in every other aspect of life, and will
not once just let the boy win, so imagine the crowing the first time Malcolm
beats his grandfather at a game…). He likes reading too, and gravitates more
toward nonfiction than fiction, especially…well, what the Romans would have
called natural history. Sort of encyclopedic anecdotes a la Pliny the Elder. He’s a fan of
Genitivi. And lastly, I think he’d have a hands-on hobby of some sort, perhaps
whittling or leather-working? Oh, and he’s a decent cook, given how much of his
own produce he usually has to work with.

16. What was the
biggest challenge (personal, physical, social, anything) your OC faced before the
game/story they were created for begins?

Navigating the
rapids of slavery in Tevinter. For Metis that was a matter of staying beneath
notice, which worked fine until someone noticed how unusually
well the gardens flourished under his care and his knack for it turned out to
be magic. Then it was a matter of balance: he had to be too useful as a
gardener to be wasted as a blood sacrifice; he had to be accomplished enough in
magic to not be regarded as a possession risk, despite the scant magic training
Licinius provided to incaensors (slaves with magical ability) like Metis; but he
couldn’t be too accomplished or he’d be regarded as a threat.

OC Crowd-Sourced Ask Meme

The Crowd Sourced OC Ask Meme


A while back I asked for questions to create a new ask meme. Here are the results!

  1. What does your OC feel most ashamed of and/or guilty about? Why? 
  2. What would be your OCs favourite section in a bookstore? Why? 
  3. What motivates your OC to fulfill their role/do their job? 
  4. How would your OC like/prefer to die?
  5. What teacher/tutor/mentor influenced your OC the most?
  6. What is guaranteed to piss your OC off?
  7. What is one thing your OC desperately wants, but can’t have?
  8. If your OC was allowed to visit one last place before they died, where would they go?
  9. Is there an object (or several) that you OC can’t live without? What is it/are they?
  10. What are your characters weaknesses?
  11. Which one of your OC’s memories makes them smile in private when they recall it? 
  12. Is your OC comfortable in a position of power, or would they prefer to be the one following orders? 
  13. What would your OC choose to do in the Trolley Problem? The Transplant Problem?
  14. What sort of recreational activities does your OC engage in?
  15. What does ‘home’ mean to your OC? 
  16. What was the biggest challenge (personal, physical, social, anything) your OC faced before the game/story they were created for begins? 
  17. When they were a child, what did your OC want to do when they grew up?
  18. What is a skill your OC wishes they had but doesn’t?
  19. What clique would your OC belong to in a high school AU? 
  20. What is your OC most dedicated to-their cause, their loved ones, themselves?
  21. How does your OC handle relationships, platonic or otherwise? Do they forge bonds easily, or prefer to not get attached?
  22. If you could pick one song to describe your OC, what would it be? 
  23. What is the one personality trait your OC is trying to get rid of and is embarrassed of? 
  24. If your OC could permanently remove any one thing from their world, what would it be? Why? 
  25. If your OC could make any one thing (style/object/fad/etc.) immediately and nigh-universally “mainstream,” what would it be? 
  26. What does your OC feel most ashamed of and/or guilty about? Why?
  27. If your OC had a daemon, what shape would it take and why?

Hey there! Here are some questions for any of your ocs! How much attention do they pay to the upkeep of their weapons? Are they picky about the ones they use? How do they feel when they travel without it?

So Metis, whom we all know and love from Warriors Such As, is a bit of the absent-minded-professor type and has a habit of leaving his staff behind when he gets distracted. The librarian of the Circle of Minrathous is always getting after him to stop leaving his staff under the table when he’s researching, because inevitably he goes off without it and the librarian has to pick up after him. There’s a broom closet near the library with two or three staves he’s yet to reclaim, because the librarian demands penance.

On the other hand, Metis was formerly a slave and does get anxious about the cost of replacing his staff, so he tries not to lose it, truly he does, and really only has a few of them overall so once the last of them ends up in that broom closet, he’ll do what he must to get it back. Traveling without it would make spells difficult, but still it happens on occasion when he forgets to grab it so sometimes he has to borrow one at his destination. Therefore, he’s not terribly picky about what staff he uses. Any port in a storm.

Whether or not his staff used in Warriors, confiscated when Licinius caught him in recent chapters, will ever find its way back to him is as yet unknown. 🙂

Purple Violet and Pink Zinnia for Ranna Cousland?

Oh goodness, my canon Warden! I’ve not written anything featuring Ranna before (that playthrough was before I started writing DA fic) so let’s see what I can remember or totally make up! 😀

Purple Violet: Are there any topics your character dodges?

Not many; Ranna’s forthright and…well, scrappy, intellectually as well as physically. Being raised among nobles she does at least know what tact is whether or not she always chooses to employ it; being now Queen of Ferelden she now has to employ tact more often than she would like, but that’s not so much dodging a topic (if someone is foolish enough to bring up a dangerous topic in front of the queen they’d better be prepared to follow where it leads…) as it is not bringing up contentious topics herself in the first place.

She never does like to talk about what happened to her sister-in-law and nephew, however, even more so than her parents’ deaths. Lack of closure there, I think.

Pink Zinnia: Who will your character always be friends with?

Wynne. She appreciates Wynne for her forthrightness as well, and for her generous heart and bravery. 

Thanks for asking!

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