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It’s FANART TIME! 😀 actually it was just some face and expressions practice, but well. I’m not really good with fanarts. Aveline, Isabela, Fenris and Merrill from Dragon Age 2!

I’m following you now. Can we talk about the friendship between Sebastian and Fenris?


Welcome 🙂 I’m a big fan of Bioware friendships and this is
one of my favourites. I have a bunch of headcanons, including that once Fenris learns to read, Sebastian teaches him to read in Tevene.

As for what’s good about it…

There’s some parallels between their experience.
Loss and family and starting over are major themes in both their arcs and I
like to think that they help each other deal. Ppl have different takes on this,
but I think Sebastian does a lot to boost Fenris’ confidence. Aveline gives a
nod to Fenris’ expertise as a fighter, but while she finds some of his
less sociable behaviours ‘offensive’, Sebastian tries to understand, and imo,
does a pretty good job of it. He respects Fenris, not just for his skill, but for what he’s gone through and most importantly, for who he is. He acknowledges
the traits that make Fenris an example worth following and goes so far as to
offer him the rank of ‘Commander’ in Starkhaven’s army.

This is HUGE, okay. Offering this job to an elf would be
controversial enough, but Fenris is an elf from Tevinter and a former slave.
Sebastian understands the implications, but he does it anyway because he sees Fenris
as trustworthy – not only with military authority, but with the kind of
scrutiny that an elf in this role will inevitably draw.

Yeah, Fenris turns him down, but having someone believe in
him like that? I think it’s great.

As for Seb, he has a lot of his own baggage to handle and way
I see it, the relationship with Fenris gives him hope. If Fenris can build a
life after everything he went through,
then maybe Sebastian has a chance at being happy as well.

I should maybe say that I’m not crazy about them as a ship. As
lovers…the best case scenario is something like what Warden Tabris has with
Alistair if he marries Anora. Sebastian is a royal. That comes with certain requirements in terms of who he ends up with. At some point, Fenris would go back to being a bodyguard with benefits
and frankly, he deserves better than that. As friends, though, it’s just more…equal? and I like that. Whether Fenris ever takes up the job of Starkhaven Commander
is up to headcanon, but I picture him as a respected confidante and adviser regardless.
He’s someone Sebastian can trust, and after everything that
happened in Kirkwall, having a friend that was there when it went down would
matter a lot.

ETA: I’m not saying Aveline ‘hates’ Fenris, or even that she’s dismissive of him.

They have a lot in common and they’re great friend in their own way. I use her as a juxtapose, because, imo, she’s the companion (aside from romanced Hawke) who cares the most about Fenris. The character who shows the most understanding toward him, though – again as a personal opinion I have – is Sebastian.


i love aveline



Sooo I just commissioned @destinyapostasy for this absolutely lovely piece and I’m so over the moon happy about how it came out. I’ve wanted to get art of these two for a while now and I’m just. So glad I did.

It’s so cute and she is absolutely amazing and talented 10/10 would commission again!!

Thank you for the commission! It was a nice change to get to draw a canon ship I am a huge fan of :3 love these dorks


look @ this happy Kirkwall fam!! Fenris and Aveline love the Hawke sisters so much no one can tell me otherwise


So this happened.

aveline is having none of this shit


I really wanted to draw Aveline. She’s so amazing ❤


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