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cullen brings back D RA GON EGGS

(baby theirin, rutherford, and their relationship originates from picchar)

I foudn this and I’m in love with a baby dragon pet! And @triaelf9 I thought of you and Celeste’s kids XD



Raising a child is harder than raising an army. 

Baby’s First



was six weeks old when she gave Cullen her first gift.

mother had left for the market soon after laying her down for a nap,
but the baby hadn’t slept for longer than ten minutes. She wasn’t
crying. She lay there grunting in her bassinet, her tiny pink hands
jerking up and down commandingly as if she were issuing urgent
orders. Elodie usually let her fuss for a bit until she fell back to
sleep, but the second Cullen’s face peeked into her line of sight,
the grunting changed to soft coos that sent a calming warmth through
his chest.

hello,” he murmured.

eyes locked on him, unblinking. They were still a deep blue-grey,
though her mother swore she was starting to see flecks of amber in
them in the right light.

late for a very important baby appointment,” he told her, nudging
the bassinet until it rocked gently. “Your mother will be upset
with me if you don’t keep it.”

she rocked, he stepped back into the kitchen, but before he had so
much as picked up his knife, she was grunting again. Now the grunts
were peppered with tiny barks of anger.

know,” he said, returning to the bassinet to give it another nudge,
“I’m under strict orders not to remove you from this bed until you
have slept for at least one hour.”

moment she saw him again, the grunting stopped. Cheerful gurgles
rolled through her throat, her pink lips twisting awkwardly as she
tried to read his face. They formed a perfect O, a little tongue just
peeking out as if she didn’t know where it was supposed to go. Then
they pulled up in what he thought was a grimace until he saw the
bubble of her cheeks, and the wrinkle under her eyes.

face twisted, too, mimicking her shifting expressions as she cooed
and chattered at him. Even in the quiet of his own home, he felt a
little ridiculous, but the baby was transfixed, and he was her

both going to be in a lot of trouble if we don’t stop this nonsense.
Is that what you want? You want to get daddy in trouble?”

that was when she found it. The corners of her mouth pulled up, her
eyes shone, her lips still twisted clumsily, but there was no
mistaking its graceless glory. A tiny, perfectly imperfect smile.

breath caught as he fought to capture it, to savor that flawless,
fleeting second forever, half wishing he could save it and relive it
with his wife and half thrilled that it was his

smile broke and she cooed again. He lifted her into his arms,
snuggling her against his shoulder.

right, just this once,” he said.

was a lie.

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