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I was super disappointed with the lack of party banter you get when romancing Josephine, because it is zilch. So I decided to write some myself – a good practice in both game-type of writing as well as writing characters I don’t usually write that much.


“Frilly underthings!”

“I’m…sorry, what?”

“Your Josie. She wears frilly underthings. I’d know. I’ve seen them.” 

“You’ve…what now?”

“They looked really good up on that flagpole, is what I’m saying”

“Oh, that! That’s a relief.”

“Wait, you thought that I… [laughs] No friggin’ way! She’s yours.”

Iron Bull:

“Say, boss, I’ve heard Antivan weddings are huge, and often do not end before two people have dueled each other.”

“Why are you telling me this, exactly?”

“Well, you and Josephine seem pretty serious, and Antivans are really big on the marrying thing. I just thought I’d give you a head’s up.”

  • [Thanks, I guess.] “Thank you, I shall…keep it in mind.”
  • [Are you trying to frighten me?] “You’re not scaring me out of a potential marriage to Josephine.” 
  • [Now is not the time.] “With all those demons pouring out of the sky you’d think I’d have other priorities than planning my wedding.”

Dorian (After you’ve completed An Unexpected Engagement):


would never have thought that you, of all people, knew how to handle a rapier, and even less that you would use your skills to duel the dashing nobleman officially betrothed to your dear Lady Ambassador. You should have seen the looks coming from the audience. Hah, brilliant!”

  • (If the Inquisitor is human) [I’ve had a good teacher.] “I took some mandatory dueling lessons when I was young. The perks of being noble offspring, I suppose.”
  • [It surprised me as well.] “I have to admit, I thought it would be more difficult.”
  • [I fight well under pressure.] “I had to do it. Apparently my drive to defend Josephine’s honor helped quite a bit.”
  • [It wasn’t as good as you say.] “You’re exagerrating. I was lucky get out of the duel unscathed.” [Dorian Slightly Disapproves]

Varric (After you’ve completed An Unexpected Engagement):

“Well now, Inquisitor, who would’ve thought you’d end up in a scenario that wouldn’t even have made it into Swords and Shields because it is too improbable?”

“Too improbable? Really?”

“Oh come on, a duel for a lady’s heart in the middle of Val Royeaux, in which the clanging of rapiers is interrupted by the lady flinging herself at you? How is that not the pinnacle of romantic clichés?”

  • [Perhaps you are right, but it was worth it.] “It might be a cliché, but Josephine deserves nothing less.”
  • [Do not put this in a book] “If you write this story down and make money out of it, Josephine is going to sue you.”
    (Varric: “Ruffles will love the paperwork, I’m sure.”)
  • [It wasn’t like that] “It honestly wasn’t as story book as you make it out to be, Varric.” [If Cassandra is in your party – Slightly Disapproves]


Merrill: *giggles*
Fenris: What? Why are you looking st me like that?
Merrill: You’re in love!
Fenris: I am not. (Ouch Fen…)
Merrill: Every time he looks away, you stare at Hawke with those sad puppy eyes.
Fenris: There are no puppy eyes.
Merrill: It’s all right, you know. Even you can be happy once in a while. It won’t kill you. But your face might crack if you smile, so be careful.
Modern Fenris~ yes there is a wedding band on his left hand~
His marks are the worst to draw! *flail*
I absolutely love that despite all the horrible things Fenris has said, Merrill still tries to be kind to him and likely sees him as a friend.
Reference from @menandcoffee
Idea thanks to @wont_freak.promise Fenris and flowers.
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You should do Sigrun and Varric for your banters!


Varric: Hey Stiff, you’re pretty spry for a dead girl.
Sigrun: And you’re pretty beardless for a dwarf. You know what they say about looks being deceiving.
Varric: You’ve got me there. 
Sigrun: Speaking of deceiving, here, you can have your coin purse back.
Varric: Hey, wait just a-
Sigrun: I thought for a merchant you’d have more coin on you.
Varric: You learn not to carry much coin when you spend a lot of time around Isabela.

Varric: Hey Stiff, if I write a book about you, would it be considered a eulogy?
Sigrun: Oh, because I’m dead right? Very original.
Sigrun: Oh! Oh! When you write it, be sure to emphasize how scary I am. Intimidating tattoos, sharp daggers, you know.
Varric: Your unkempt hair, your breath that can stop darkspawn in their tracks. Got it.
Sigurn: Mean. 


I’ve seen a lot of Discourse on that banter already, so I’ll try to keep my two cents brief. Long enough for a readmore, though.

[TW: slavery, abuse]

Fenris: Why was your friend made Tranquil? Do you know?

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I’m cracking up so hard I went to the wiki to look up the dialogue of some of Sebastian’s banters and I’m giggling reading through the list of things he says before/during/after a battle and stuff like

I will fight, and pray for forgiveness later.

wow I feel like you’re playing fast and loose with Chantry doctrine here

For Starkhaven! For Hawke!


Maker preserve their stupid, stupid souls.

holy shit Seb that’s rather rude don’t you think

This is much more exciting than the Chantry!

oh my god he is literally the cutest I’m laughing

Arrows courtesy of Sebastian Vael!

what a nerd

and after a battle here’s some good ones

Travelling with you is never dull, Hawke.
Is this something I’ll have to get used to when travelling with you?
And I just cleaned my armour.

this is fucking gold, all of it. I’m still laughing about when I was playing and he says “Andraste forgive us” and I was like dude, we were killing giant spiders, surely that’s not a sin, Andraste should be thanking us, those fuckers are awful.

recovering from a KO:

I have dirt in my mouth.

listen you just about died and this is what you focus on

I really must stop doing this.

yes, probably.

….what did I even come here for, surely it was not to talk about what a massive cutie nerd this guy is but here I am.

“much more exciting than the Chantry” I’m still laughing we’re getting attacked by undead again but hey at least it’s not boring!


Okay, so apparently this post needs a little clarification. 

First off, I’m not talking about whether Aveline likes Fenris. She does. A lot. The question is whether or not she understands what makes him tick and I’m leaning toward ‘not quite.’

Again, the reason I use Aveline in this little juxtapose isn’t because I think she doesn’t care; it’s because (with the exception of romanced Hawke) she’s the companion who cares the most about Fenris. HOWEVER…

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i love aveline

Hi there, I couldn’t find the answer to this, and I thought as an expert on all things Fenris you of all people you would know: does Fenris ever gain legal title to the mansion he lives in? I thought I had read somewhere that he did, but can’t find it again. And if he does, is it canon that he does or is it something that *might* happen based on game choices? Thanks LN!


Yes, he does! 😀 There’s a conversation with Varric that goes:

  • Varric: Those papers weren’t easy to forge, you know.
  • Fenris: I appreciate your assistance.
  • Varric: Why don’t you just sell the blighted place and be done with it?
  • Fenris: Sentimental reasons.

I’ve got a video of it here. The catch is, in order to trigger this you have to not recruit Isabela. If you do, she’ll be the one talking to Fenris when Hawke walks in and the conversation will be about the Seneschal’s tax collector instead.

Whether or not that makes it canon…is up to you I guess? Personally, I do take it as canon even when Isabela is recruited. Just because Hawke doesn’t hear it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen ^^

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