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Stockroom Woes (Carver/Merrill)


Holy crap, a Dragon Age ficlet from Flutie? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

Just playing around with these two adorable lugnuts, trying to indulge some nostalgic feels and get a sense for their voices again. A sequel, of sorts, to this, an AU college!verse in which Merrill’s a science and public policy major,Carver’s an undeclared science major, and Marian’s the physics genius who’d wise-cracked her way into a 4.0. Enjoy! 


Unlike Marian, who’d scored a full-ride scholarship to U of Kirkwall, of course, Carver has had to bust his ass to pay for school. He keeps a couple part-time jobs: one slinging burgers at Meeran’s, another slinging lasers and spectrometers in the physics department stock room. They don’t usually give those jobs to kids outside the department, but in his interview Carver had apparently impressed the supervisor by knowing the difference between a lathe and a table saw, as if the distinction were some ancient Mayan secret, forever lost to the ages. Of course, to most of these spoiled rich kids, it probably is. But with a famous physicist for a father, Carver had seen his fair share of power tools and soldering irons, and he probably knows more about lab equipment than most of the professors. Those boneheads wouldn’t know their ass from an optical mount. No wonder Athenril hired him.

Of course it had nothing to do, nothing at all, with that one time Marian walked into Meeran’s, wrinkled her nose at Carver’s paper hat, and proceeded to blather on (and on, and on) about how for her baby brother’s sake, she might be able to pull a few strings with her department head.

Stupid Marian. Always helping, always having to be the center of the damn universe. Maker save him from his older sister’s help.

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100 Themes- #23, Fairy


Pairing(s)- Carver/Merrill, background m!Hawke/Fenris

Word Count- 1253

Warnings- None

Summary- Carver had been attracted to her from the moment he saw her. Elves had
always been a fascination to him; rare as they were in a small town, far
away from the forests the Dalish so preferred.

A/N: Because Merrill is a literal fairy. I will stand by this assessment. Still not 100% happy with this but… it’ll do.

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Ask me about my characters and their kids!


I rarely see a lot of questions about our characters and their KIDS (more than one or two questions in the occasional meme) SO I made up a quick silly list of questions of my own! ^u^ Feel free to share, or add your own!

(Excuse any typos that remain – I really can’t see them no matter how many times I read through a thing, and I read this many times lmao.)

Ask me about my characters and their children! 8D

  1. How many children does your character have? How many would they ideally WANT?
  2. How did the children become a part of the family? Were they born into it? Adopted? Somehow else? Talk about the journey! 😀
  3. What kind of a parent is the character? Does their own idea match that? Do they think they are a good parent? What are some of their insecurities as a parent? How about their partner?
  4. What are the meanings behind the children’s names, if they DO have meanings? Were they named after someone?
  5. What do the children call their parents?
  6. Talk about the children! What do they look like? What are their personalities like?
  7. The children’s first words?
  8. What are some of the character’s favorite memories from their kids’ childhoods?
  9. What are some of the character’s favorite things to do with their children?
  10. What about the CHILDREN’S favorite things to do with their parents? 😀 This isn’t necessarily the same thing!
  11. What’s playtime like? What kind of games does the character tend to play with the children? Are they GOOD at it? 😀
  12. Does the character (or their partner, or BOTH) have some mutual hobbies or pastimes with the children that aren’t strictly playing? Like some crafts or sports that they share and have fun with?
  13. Does the character have any meaningful items they pass on to their children? Like an old toy, or a piece of jewelry, or some other family heirloom?
  14. What are some of the skills or things the character teaches to their children? Some family traditions, or particularly important life lessons? How about their partner?
  15. Is there a toy/book/game the character is almost as excited about as the child (or even MORE so than the child? :D)
  16. Sleep time! Talk about the sleeping arrangements and rituals of the family through the years!
  17. Talk about what happens when a child gets sick.
  18. Talk about a time when the children did or said something that was both hilarious and definitely embarrassing for the parents!
  19. Talk about a time the children scared their parents.
  20. Talk about a time the children made their parents very proud.
  21. Talk about a time when the children got into trouble!
  22. What kind of people do the children grow up to be? What do they do?
  23. Snapshot! Describe a scene or a full day from the family’s life. It could be anything from a normal daily routine, or some special day and what happened that day. ^u^
  24. Has having children changed the character? How?
  25. Wildcard! Share at least three of your favorite headcanons about the character and their children!



Rating: G
Word Count: 5732
Pairing: Carver/Merrill (and a glimpse of Fenris/F!Hawke)
Kirkwall’s templars have been taking red lyrium. Carver Hawke knows he can’t avoid it forever, so he turns to Merrill for help.
Set as a prequel to my other Carver/Merrill story, “The Apostate’s Templar”. Also with a glimpse of Fenris/F!Hawke prior to their story in “To Remain at Your Side.”

Read it here or on: AO3 | | DA


times Carver started to walk away from the door. The first time he just chided
himself, “This is stupid. What’s she going to do, turn you into a frog?” and
turned to face the run-down building again, losing count of the minutes he then
spent standing there without really seeing it.

second time, he caught himself as he passed the vhenadahl tree, memories
flashing to life of the time she had lectured him in her lilting voice on the
tree’s significance as he walked her home one night. Lost in the sound of her,
he had heard nothing of what she said, and to this day he had no idea why the
elves made such a big deal of a single tree. He sighed, tugged his gauntlets
more firmly in place, and walked back to her door again, raising a hand to

a third time he was turning away, gauntleted hand falling to his side again
with the door still undisturbed, when suddenly it swung open behind him and he
looked back at the sound of her gasp.

Carver, it’s just you!” Merrill squeaked when she saw his face (red, he was
sure, at being caught standing there like an idiot). “I thought…well, never
mind. I’m glad you’re here.”

he coughed, if only to get his breath back. “You are?”

I’m certainly glad it’s you, of all templars.” She smiled; was it just his
imagination that there was a cynical edge to the smile that had never been
there when they’d been young, when she’d still had such hopes about her clan
and that mirror, before he joined the Templar Order, before…well, he supposed
recent years in Kirkwall justified a bit of cynicism. “We’ve been seeing that
armor in the alienage more often, you know,” the elf continued. “Since your
sister stepped down.”

Right. Maybe I shouldn’t have…I could come back later, when I’m off duty.
Leave the armor in the Gallows.”

no, it’s all right. I was just on my way to the market. Walk with me?” She
glanced sidelong at him, cradling her market basket to her chest like a
helpless kitten, her nose wrinkled in thought. “Unless…that is, if you are here on Templar business…”

stared back for a second before realizing what she was asking. “What? Merrill,
you can’t…you don’t think I’m here to bring you in?”

it’s what you do now, isn’t it?”

took the basket from her with a huff. “What I’m going to do right now is bring you to the market.
Just…pretend the armor’s gone, okay?”

that will be tricky! I haven’t seen you without it in years. I can’t hardly
even remember what you used to wear before. Or…” she tilted her head up at him.
“Did I miss something dirty again? When you say gone…”


giggled, a sound that did nothing to convince him she was not now imagining him
striding through the alienage in his smalls. Imagining her imagining this
brought a blush to his face that quickly progressed to a scowl, neither of
which Merrill, fortunately, could see, as she walked half a step ahead of him,
prattling in a way that left him confused but somehow comforted.

later, laden with two more baskets than they had set out with, she welcomed him
into her small home and he sank gladly to a chair she had hastened to clear of
its odds and ends. “Now then,” she said, perching on the edge of a table near
him, “it was very good of you to come along and carry everything, Carver, but I
suppose you had some other reason for turning up on my doorstep?”

lips thinned as he looked away from her focused gaze. “Why exactly,” he
murmured, hefting one of the bushel of cabbages they had carried home, “did we
buy so many cabbages today?”

came to ask me about groceries?” she pursed her lips and took the vegetable
from him.

no. But seriously, are you going to eat all of those? Do you really like
cabbage that much?”

it’s not all for me. I was talking to Hera next door and she said cabbage soup
is good for a fever.”

regarded her skeptically. “Who’s got a fever, then?”

of people. There’s been something going around, and someone’s got to look after
them, and –” She frowned as she realized the digression. “If you didn’t come
to ask about cabbages, what then, Carver?”

sighed and leaned forward to rest his head in his hands. “I…might need a
favor, Merrill.”

Of course. What can I do? If it involves cabbages, you know, we’re all set.”
She said this last with a hopeful smile, holding the cabbage out to him until
he looked up and chuckled.

only it were that simple.”

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Hi!! :D for the promp: Omnium enim rerum principia parva sunt. The beginnings of all things are small. Merrill and Carver if you want :D Thanks


Gladly will I write Merrill and Carver! And because I like referencing my other works continuity…or something like that…this one fits in with my other Carver x Merrill stories, The Apostate’s Templar and Placebo. The dialogue at the end is from the last chapter of The Apostate’s Templar and will make the most sense if you’ve read that story…(which is one of my favorites that I’ve written anyway, so you totally should!) And the references to Carver avoiding red lyrium are from Placebo.

Without further ado…

Principia Parva Sunt

19. Omnium
enim rerum principia parva sunt.
The beginnings of all things are small.

There is a moment when Merrill’s
heart skips a beat and she thinks, Oh. And she thinks, I love him. And, when did that happen?

It’s not that she falls in love all
at once, certainly. Looking back now it all makes sense, clouds parting to let
the sun shine on what her heart has become. Now she can see how it’s been
coming on slowly, growing over the years since she first met Carver, when his
sister came with Asha’bellanar’s amulet to Sundermount, but only now blossoming
into this rich, unspeakable, undeniable thing as they travel together from
Kirkwall, gathering refugees under their wings.

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!!!!!! 15 for carver/merrill!!!!


15: Which one screams about the spider and which one
brings the spider outside?

Carver Hawke hated being compared to his elder sister. No
matter how kindly it was meant, it all sounded to him like “Why can’t you be
more like Lisbet?” Illogical as it might be, even comparisons about how much he
was like Lisbet had this effect.

So Merrill’s muffled laughter at the way he jumped when he
almost stepped on a spider in her tent was not doing much to improve his mood.
Especially not when she giggled, “Oh, Creators, you hate spiders as much as
Hawke does!”

“I do not!” Carver protested, clenching his jaw but keeping
his distance as the creature – not the giant sort they used to have to fight
through on Sundermount, granted, but big
and surprisingly hairy and way too
many legs – scuttled, practically taunting, between him and the exit. “It’s
just a bug, Merrill. It won’t hurt you.”

I wasn’t worried!”
she pointed out in glee.

“Neither was I!” he insisted, breaking himself from where he
had stood frozen, jerking forward to stomp on the thing before he could think
better of it.

“Wait!” Merrill gasped. He thought better of it, freezing
again to glance her way.

“It’s perfectly harmless,” the elf pled, spreading her hands
wide with that innocent look in her wide green eyes that he could never resist.
“Let’s just toss it back out into the forest. There are far too many mosquitoes in Ferelden anyway. Spiders
are natural predators for bugs like that, the ones that really trouble us. Let this one do its job, Carver.”

He finally nodded, but when he stayed put for too long, eyeing the spider
from a distance, Merrill flitted forward and waved a hand at it as if to shoo
it toward the tent flap. At first the spider froze, just as wary of the elf as
Carver had been of the bug. Then it slowly skittered the direction she was
encouraging it to. Then it drifted off to one side instead…and then, suddenly,
came around and headed straight for Merrill.

She shrieked, first with surprise and then with laughter as
she jumped out of its way. To his own surprise, Carver was laughing too as he
watched her dance around the spider, now managing to shoo it a few inches
towards the exit, now skipping back when it wandered too close to her again. “I
thought they were harmless?” Carver threw back at her.

“Well, as long as they’re outside hunting mosquitoes!”
Merrill huffed.

“Look, if it’s going to corner you in your own tent maybe I
should just step on –”

“No! Really, Carver, don’t.”

He sighed. “Fine, then.” And he ducked out of the tent, now
that the spider had stopped guarding the entrance. When he returned a moment
later it was still feinting back and forth with Merrill in that strange dance,
so it was with a smile that Carver finally slammed down over it the bowl that
he had grabbed from the stack by the cook-fire. With a scrap of parchment
shoved under the bowl and some awkward attempts to flip the contraption over
without flinging the spider at Merrill, soon he had the spider out in the wilds
on mosquito duty and a grateful (still laughing) elf in his arms.

“My hero!” Merrill teased. “I promise I won’t tell Hawke a

My Stories


Master list of the Hawkquisition series, to be updated when new stories are added:

Part I: To Remain at Your Side

Hawke arrives at Skyhold without her Fenris? Surely he didn’t willingly let her go off alone. So she must have left without telling him. He’s not going to be pleased when he finds out! This is what happens next, as Hawke travels to Weisshaupt, reuniting along the way with her lover, family, friends, and the Inquisition itself…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part II: The Apostate’s Templar

Carver escapes the red lyrium-tainted templars of Kirkwall by escorting Merrill as she leads a ragtag group of elven refugees away from the Free Marches. In Ferelden, they uncover a source of red lyrium; the Inquisition investigates and Hawke insists on coming along.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part III: Patchwork Families

Merrill’s patchwork clan has grown and they return with Hawke to Skyhold just in time for the baby to be born. Meanwhile, Skyhold is abuzz with preparations for Divine Victoria’s coronation and the Inquisitor’s wedding – but danger lurks amidst the festivities…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part IV: Warriors Such As (Tumblr Masterpost)

Abstract (description may change once I write the actual story):  
Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition learns of a group of Venatori creating warriors marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  


Drabbles and One-Shots


Carver: Okay, we’re lost together. Both of us, not that we’re “together” together.
Merrill: If we have to be lost somewhere, at least it’s a nice hallway! Very well built, not at all likely to collapse.
Carver: Right, well, back to rescuing… wait. You’re doing that on purpose!
Merrill: (Giggles)

kind of a companion piece to my last art because when there’s Bethany, there has to be Carver. I’m still fenhawke at heart but I love shipping the twins with the elves. this is my second fav ship in da2, they’re adorable help. Carver is so awkward and terrible at flirting and I love it.

Top 5 Ships I Would Go Down With

I was tagged by @sulahnenasalin for this spiffy OTP meme, only I guess it’s technically FTP because we get to share five true pairings? Heh, anyway…

1. Fenris & [Lisbet] Hawke

Well, yes, that was a given, have you seen my blog and fanfiction?


2. Carver Hawke & Merrill

All the adorably awkward banter made me a believer in these two. 


3. Alistair & [Ranna] Cousland

Alistair’s just really hard not to romance, you know? And my spunky, feisty, clever Cousland makes a good Queen, or so Leliana says in DA2.


I could list more DA favorites, actually (I should really include Thayer Trevelyan and Josephine; I wrote their wedding; and also I’m adoring Cassandra x Lavellan at the moment; and I very happily romanced Solas and Cullen at some point too), but I’m going to branch out to TV and literature for the last two:

4. Captain Swan (Emma Swan and Killian Jones)

Because they both just need a happy, supportive, loving relationship like this every bit as much as Hawke and Fenris need each other, y’know?


5. Jessa and also Wessa (Tessa Grey with Jem Carstairs but also with Will Herondale, The Infernal Devices)

The closest I’ve ever come to having an OT3? Best resolution of a love triangle ever, though. Well, sort of. Kind of a painful resolution come to think of it. But bittersweet. Mostly just sweet.


(image above is a gorgeous wallpaper by larajrussell)

Now for tagging! If you’d like to participate, feel free to claim a tag whether or not you are listed here, but I’d especially like to see: @therealfrankenberry @broodywolf @quinnlocke @lyriumrebel @my-hart-will-go-on @glyphron-dragon-age @theherocomplex @whatthefawxblogs @redheadthunderhead

“Shit sorry, am I going to fast?” And “don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back” in the flirty/suggestive category thingy :P


“Shit! Sorry,” Carver reigned in the horse hard after they
cleared the second fence, glancing back to the girl who rode behind him,
clutching his shirt so tightly. When they hit the jumps, she had a tendency to
press her face so endearingly to his back. “Am I going too fast?”

“Not at all,” Merrill said. “But the horse’s gait – well, it’s
making me a little green. Do you think we could walk for a bit?”

Summers in Kirkwall seemed an endless affair, hot and humid,
stinking with the heavy bellows off the foundry. When Leo suggested a few weeks
at the Amell country estate, everyone had been eager to agree. Somehow,
miraculously, the dates had perfectly aligned with Carver’s assigned leave. He
knew his brother would never admit to planning things in such a way – he hadn’t
exactly reacted well when his younger sibling had left to join the Templars two
years ago, after all – but it had meant something that he wanted him along, all
the same. Carver had pretended to hem and haw about it, and waited until the
last possible moment to agree to come, and if his reunion with the group had
been a little lackluster, at least Merrill
had been happy to see him.

“Sorry,” Carver told her again, and swallowed the nugget of disappointment
that she didn’t seem half as impressed with his horsemanship as his daydreams
had led him to believe she would be. He slowed to a walk, and then a stop,
dismounting and turning to help her down, only to find she had slid off on her

“Oh, it is a lovely place, isn’t it?” Merrill asked
cheerfully. “I always like it when Hawke asks us out here, don’t you – oh, you
weren’t with us the last time, but it was very fun, I promise. Should we have
our picnic here? Look, a little closer and you can see the ocean over the rise.”
She looked so fresh and pretty in a simple green dress, her hair tousled from
the wind, but it was hard to keep up with her chatter. Girls were funny like
that, and hard to understand, and it could be almost impossible to get a word
in if you hadn’t paid them to listen.

“Horses,” Carver said, struggling to get their picnic basket
down, “They’re that different than your halla, then?”

“Horses?” Merrill asked, turning from the view to squint at
him quizzically.

“You said you weren’t used to the gait.”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “I don’t like it. They’re very slow,
too, aren’t they?”

“I didn’t – ?”

“Aren’t you going to tie him up? He might wander away if you

“Right, I just…”

“Here, I’ll take the basket,” she said, returning to him. “I
found the prettiest cloth to put down to sit on. And a bottle of cherry wine.
Oh – are you allowed to have some? Wine, that is. Well, I suppose if you’re not
worried about a picnic with an apostate a little wine certainly won’t hurt.”
She continued to chatter, laying out their meal while Carver struggled with the
horse. By the time he was able to join her, she had it all set out – a tray of
sandwiches, a pie, even a small vase with a few flower sprigs in it. “This is
so very nice,” Merrill sighed when Carver joined her. “I do hope you like the
sandwiches. The filling is an old Dalish recipe.”

“It’s not grubs and garlic, is it?”

“Oh!” she said brightly. “How did you guess?”

“I, um…what, really?”

“All the same, if you were planning to kiss me this time,
you should probably do it before we eat. Our breath will be terrible after this.” Merrill, pouring
the wine, glanced at, and whatever she saw on Carver’s face made her laugh in
delight. “Oh,” she said, “Don’t give me that face. It’s so cute, I might not be
able to hold back!”

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