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look at this horrid & covetous goblin rob the good folk of their hard earned coins, baubles, etc

They’ve really improved those banks with their latest design.

Good morning Tumblr! Have a floofy kitten enjoying the landscaping to brighten your morning.


Translation: “a colony of affectionate Archeocats lives here!”

Found in Syracuse when touring ancient sites. Tell me that’s not the cutest thing ever.

Journals: I’m following the topic list here

June 2: Something good from last week

If last week can include “the past 7 days” and not “the
Sunday through Saturday prior to this one,” that something was the last three
days of school. Final exams, yes, but also final moments with a great group of
students. My Latin 1 class used the time to read ahead in the textbook and
translate the chapters we hadn’t had time to go over fully, with me just
glossing over any new grammar for them so they could just get through the
story, and they have progressed so far in their reading skills, I was so proud
of them! Also on the last day we celebrated the end of the school year in song.
Latin songs. Translated from English songs. There’s nothing quite like belting
out the Latin version of Old MacDonald Had a Farm when one’s finals are all

If I am technically obliged to refer to May 22-28 for this
post, that something was visiting my parents and their KITTENS! So here are some
gratuitous kitten photos to accompany this journal entry. Because gratuitous
kitten photos never really need an excuse, do they? Oh, and also on Sunday we
had a mini family reunion for Memorial Weekend since my uncle, who is also a
pastor, was the guest speaker in church Sunday morning and then we got to spend
the rest of Sunday with him and my cousins and their kids, who play really well
with my sister’s kids. It was a lovely, long weekend all around.


Video: Cat Jobs


Catquisition: Awesome Ladies

why she scream


I may be mistaken, but I think Shakespeare explained it best:

“To cry, to scream –
To scream, perchance a meal. Aye, there’s the rub,
For in that feast of screams what meals may come,
When we have devoured these mortal spoils,
Must give us pause.“

KITTENS! Visiting my parents this weekend equals new kitten pics. Several of them have had runny eyes so we brought them into the house several times to clean them up (with tea! supposedly helps with kitten eye infections like that), so you’ll see them with wet (sometimes tea-stained) eyes in some pics.

Dragon Age 2 LIs and Hawke’s baby









BONUS: Carver and Bethany

Blogger Gatherings!

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