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talkin to amy about cole being interested in fenris’ thoughts when he’s with hawke because all the sad thoughts vanish and cole feels like hawke helps him


I’m working through some personal stuff and letting art become therapeutic for me again. Who better to celebrate that with than my favorite rogue from Inquisition? So *POOF* A MESSY LIL’ COLE SKETCH 😀 


so i decided to post them tonight… i still need to fix some things up on fenris but i might not go back to that picture ever so ill take what i have

Anonymous said: could you draw cole and flowers? (or fenris and flowers)

why not both? 


Cole from Inquisition.



Blackwall and Cole

I don’t think people appreciate this line. How did Blackwall, a ‘Warden’, become ‘Grey’? By wishing. By wanting. By taking over a dead man’s life.

How did Cole, a spirit, become flesh? By the same path.


DA sketch dump… I started on a finished version of that Cole one. Ya know, I like Cole but I really, really hate drawing his hat. Haha.


Cole and Varric

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